Are You A Veil Bride Or A Hair Bride?


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Are you a hair bride or a veil bride?

Experience has taught me that once an engagement ring is place on a newly engaged woman she begins envisioning herself walking down the aisle, visions of romance, veils and childhood fairy tales quickly translates into growing out her hair! I even see this trend with the mothers of the bride!

But grown it out into what? How should you wear your hair for your wedding?

All up or half up?

All down?

Romantic or chic?

Traditional or trendy?

Curly or straight?

Do you want a veil?

If so where will you attach it?

Will it go on the top of your head or somewhere in the back?

Do you want your veil tucked into the updo or covering it?

Will you keep the veil on or do you want to remove it at the reception?

With so many options and decisions to make you'll be lucky to have any hair left to worry about!!

While every bride is unique, I do typically run into two types of brides and they are the hair brides and veil bride. Allow me to explain and help you figure out which direction you may wish to go.

Hair brides:
The hair bride calls me a year in advance, or more! She prefers the focus to be the hairstyle and the ornamentation. She will talk more about the hair and we will discuss what best complements her features, gown, and the ambiance of her wedding. Then we put a growing-out plan together. One or two trial runs will be done and suggestions for veil and headpieces will be discussed. Many hair brides prefer to simply place the veil behind the Updo and remove it at the reception. Some do not want a veil at all! The hair bride can't wait to whip off that veil and get down to a good time! A hair bride usually has long hair and wishes for it to be special and focused. Beautiful hair is many brides trademark.

Veil brides:
I know I have a veil bride when she tells me she wants to keep the veil on during the reception. I am not sure this is because she loves the look of a bride in the veil or because she wants to justify her expensive purchase! So I help her choose the best one to complement and balance the gown and face. Veil bride’s tastes vary with options such as full veils, edging, ornamentation, long veils, multiple layers and blushers. The hair may be secondary and worked in a way that best supports the veil. Or she may have short hair. TIP! Veil wearers beware! A full veil placed on top of your head will fall along the side of your face; which can be stunning for sure! However, as table visits call for leaning over and many hugs will be given the veil will be falling into your face and will be tugged at with each hug. It will also get in the way of dancing and the netting will get caught on any beading. After being educated and the appropriate photos have been taken most brides do consider removing it at the reception.

Final tips:

  • Specifically veil shop-around. If your gown is white your options are open.
  • Don't be talked into the veil that “goes" with the gown, unless you can’t live without it or if your gown is a specific unique color.
  • Don't forget the local craft shops, they have a variety of do-it-yourself pieces as well as complete headpieces and veils to choose from.
  • There are also many great resources on line.
  • After you have your gown, discuss your hairstyle options with your stylist before you shop for your veil.
  • Have your Updo style done first and then go veil shopping, that way you will have a excellent idea of how your “do" will work with your headpiece.
  • Lastly, check out for many beautiful ideas, more articles and photos!

    Gretchen Maurer: I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 1981 and specialize in wedding beauty. I am the author of The Business of Bridal Beauty, the first salon industry book published exclusively about servicing bridal parties. I own and run which was awarded “the best hair and beauty web site”, by Brides Magazine. The web site sells bridal hairstyle photos which I create in step by step DIY format, they are sent on line in a PDF file. Since 1998, I have sold hundreds of kits to brides from all over the U. S. and around the world. and my book have been featured in numerous bridal and trade magazines including Modern Bride, Brides, Vows, Bridal Star Hairstyles Magazine, American Salon Magazine, Modern Salon, Passion plus many others. I have also been interviewed for features on, and other web sites. Weddinghair enjoys top search engine placement.

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