Regretting Your Perm, And Don't Want To Wait For It To Grow Out? Learn How To Remove It Yourself


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Erase the perm: Have you ever had a perm that you absolutely regretted? Well guess what it can be removed without any trace of it ever being there. The best part is you can fix it yourself and do it in less than the time it took to do the perm the first time. You see the main ingredient in most perms is ammonium thioglycolate. This is the stuff that is squirted onto the perm rods. During the perm process this chemical actually breaks the disulfide bonds (these are the bonds that control the shape of your hair) in your hair and they lose their natural form and reshape themselves to the perm rods, which is how you end up with a curl, then the neutralizer stabilizes the shape and makes it permanent, hence a perm.

So here is how you remove your unwanted perm. You simply saturate your hair with a perm solution with the same main ingredient as your original perm (like I said before it is usually thio) You are now applying it to your hair without any perm rods and simply combing it through, (keep coming it for approx 15 min or according to the manufacturers directions).

Now you are doing just the opposite as what your original perm did, you are breaking the bonds again but now you are reshaping them and making them straight. Follow with the neutralizer to stabilize the bonds, follow the rest of the manufactures directions for steps such as how long to let the neutralizer sit and to rinse out, and guess what you just got your straight hair back.

NOTE: this will only remove a perm; it will not remove natural curl.

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