Have You Got Greasy Hair? Take Care of it With Home Made Remedies


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Oily hair can be so frustrating! It can occur only minutes after washing your hair and it can cause the hair to look dull and lifeless. Whilst there are so many different treatments available out there, often many of them simply do not work. That is where home remedies come in!

Some Good Home Made Remedies to Beat That Greasy Hair!

It is thought that mainly people with fine hair have more of a problem with oily hair than anybody else. This is because they have more hair per square inch of the scalp, and the more hair you have, the more oil glands you have, hence a problem with greasy hair can be a lot worse if you have fine hair!

It is thought that greasy hair can be made worse by various things including heat, and the male hormone androgen. However, whatever the cause of oily, greasy hair, it is still a nightmare and luckily there is some home remedies to help!

Homemade Astringent

In order to clean excess oil away from the scalp, a homemade Astringent may be the answer. One way of creating a good one involves mixing equal parts of mouthwash and witch hazel, applied with cotton wool. Be sure to only use this on the scalp however as it could damage the hair or irritate it if there is too much contact with it. The witch hazel acts as an Astringent and the mouthwash acts as an antiseptic. If you find that you scalp is really oily, you could always use this every time you wash your hair.

Try an Acidic Rinse

Lemon mixed with a quart of good water such as distilled water, makes a great rinse. It is best to use the juice of two lemons and this can really help to reduce the oil on your scalp.

Also, vinegar often makes a really good rinse, though it does not smell as good as the lemon! It is better to use white vinegar and it is thought that two tablespoons of the vinegar mixed with one cupful of water should work perfectly. The vinegar acts as a tonic for the scalp and it clears any remaining soap away from the scalp, which can often cause oily hair to be weighed down.

Create a Good Shampoo

A shampoo you can create yourself includes using some of your regular shampoo (try and use one as mild as possible), and simply add 1/2 a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. It is best to use ΒΌ of a cup of your normal shampoo and blend all the ingredients together. After you have blended it all, wash your hair with it and then rinse thoroughly.

All fresh recipes should be stored in the fridge to enhance their shelf life. Usually they last for around one week and you should use it every day.

Baby Powder is not always Just for Babies!

If you are in a bit of a rush but your hair looks really dull and oily, you can always sprinkle a little baby powder into it, leave it to stand for around five minutes, and then simply comb it through. This in theory should soak up any excess oil in the scalp.

Overall, home remedies really can help as they are not as harsh as some specially designed shop bought shampoos and conditioners for oily hair. All the ingredients are natural and they are fairly inexpensive to create. There is no harm in trying them and who knows, you may even find the perfect remedy for your oily, dull, lifeless hair!

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