Coping With Oily Hair


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Scientists agree that there are many factors that influence overactive sebaceous glands (the oil glands on your scalp), but the most likely contenders for oily hair are hormones, poor diet and improper shampooing techniques.

A great many of us, it seems, are not actually shampooing our hair properly, and put that poor habit together with an unhealthy diet and hormonal imbalance, you get unattractive, limp, oily hair! Nobody wants to deal with this kind of problem, but it is nevertheless a widespread condition without a lot of understanding on the subject.

So how do you help yourself get rid of oily hair? It is relatively simple and straightforward: start a healthy diet, avoid undue stress and learn to shampoo more effectively.

Your diet has a lot to do with the overproduction of oil on your scalp. While you may be genetically or hormonally inclined to have oily hair, this does not mean that the right sort of foods and cannot help to control that tendency and leave you with a more manageable scalp.

The truth is that genetics and hormones are very often rendered inactive when met face to face with a nutritious diet and good hygiene. So what sorts of foods can help combat oily hair? It is about balance, overall: be sure to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, include high fibre options when available and to avoid hydrogenated fats, processed sugars and packaged foods.

High sugar and hydrogenated fat content throws the chemical balance of your body out of order and this can lead to oily skin and hair, pimples, and all sorts of skin conditions that are best avoided! When you are sure to eat well and keep these toxins out of your system, your scalp will eventually find a natural balance that is less oily that before.

Secondly, shampooing. How is it that so many of us are not doing this correctly? Does it not seem strange that such a simple thing as having a shower in the morning can go so fundamentally wrong? Well, the truth can hurt, but it is better to face the problem head on and learn to rid yourself of oily hair once and for all.

There are two factors at work in the issue of improper shampooing: length of shampoo and antibacterial properties. Many of us slap on the goo, rub it into the scalp and rinse it away, following immediately afterwards with a healthy handful of thick (and oily) conditioner.

The problem? You need to leave it on for up to five minutes to really dig down into scalp pores and cleanse away that excess oil! By leaving it on for only a few seconds, an awful lot of oil is left behind, and what is worse, that oil is added to by conditioners.

To truly beat oily hair, you will need to take serious shampooing action. Scientists recommend a clear shampoo, because it will leave behind less residue than other types. Scrub it into your scalp and leave on for five minutes, then rinse. Then, test your scalp to see if it is still sticky. If this is the case, shampoo again! It may even be useful to apply an astringent directly to your scalp after washing so that any oil causing bacteria is removed.

If you can help it, do not condition! This may not be a permanent condition, so once you have changed your diet and started washing your scalp completely, you may find that your oily hair problem is in fact quite normal. Once you have reached this state, congratulations! You may begin conditioning again.

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