Moods And Colors - How To Change Your Life With Clothes

Suzann Kale

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You can build a wardrobe around colors that express your moods and desires. And wearing these colors enough can actually turn you into the person you've always wanted to be.

It's like changing yourself from the outside in, instead of working on the inside first. It's a technique used by many actors, as they go through the process of becoming another person for a role. Actors often describe how helpful it is to rehearse in costume and makeup. The costumes, the colors, the styles - all help them transform into their stage character.

Enter a shy, small woman with huge talent. Say she's a lawyer named Sandy. She's smart, quick-witted, has an awesome memory for details. And say she's soft-spoken, quiet, and uncomfortable delegating authority to others - be it her secretary, or a colleague. She dreams of getting into litigation but wakes up and goes to the office to work on her corporate tax account instead.

Introspection, journaling, and therapy are excellent ways to transform a life into a dream-life. But they take a long time. Sandy can jump-start her dream by buying a fitted, black power suit, black high heels, and red lipstick. Perhaps she doesn't want to shock co-workers by suddenly showing up for work as a different person, but she can get herself there by adding one piece per week until she's finally strutting about the cubicles, her posture tall, her mood confident. Oh by the way - after a few weeks of this she tells people to call her Cassandra.

Now let's talk about you. Suppose you're single and going to a party this Saturday night. Everyone wears jeans and a low-cut, possibly waist-baring, t-shirt. You've been to these parties before, and have never met anyone that catches your attention (or your heart). What to do? Wear red. No, you can't wear a designer red dress to this party, but you can wear a gorgeous red blouse (not a t-shirt) with your jeans. And why not a pair of red high-heeled sandals? You'll fit in, but you'll be hot. Wear enough red to enough parties, and you'll fall into the role of too-many-men-too-little-time - in no time.

You're working from the outside in. And you keep at it, until you truly become who you always wanted to be. It works.

Do you feel overwhelmed, overworked, and sometimes depressed? Wear white enough and you could soon start to feel better. White generally makes people more comfortable with “letting go" of the past; more open to what the future has to offer. Various pink shades can do the same thing.

Since each of us has a different temperament, goes through different moods, and has different issues, you'll need to experiment with color to see what helps bring out the real you. But you have to start somewhere.

Dark green can be a power color if combined with brown heels and a brown tote or briefcase. It oozes power. You can be soft spoken in dark green and still command attention.

Yellow is a more casual way of getting attention. It turns heads, but it doesn't necessarily give you power. It's a color to wear if you want to be more outgoing, more approachable.

If you have trouble getting to sleep, try wearing a soft blue nightgown under a plush blue robe. It won't cure insomnia, but it can certainly quiet your mind.

Have you always wanted your life to be a poem? Do you want to remember to light candles and meditate every day? Surrounding yourself with lavender can help.

For more ideas on color and mood, be sure to check out Turning the Blues Pink from the website MyMakeupMirror

And then there are the combinations. Pink by itself is soft and open. Pair it with black and it becomes very sexy. Moss green is earthy and approachable. Pair it with beige and you've got camo.

It's fun to experiment. Remember, though, repetition is key. If you're using color to change your mood or style, immerse yourself in that color for at least a month, maybe longer.

You can become the person you feel you are inside. It's easier than you think.

Suzann writes for the website My Makeup Mirror - a potpourri of articles, product reviews, and how-to's on hair, cosmetics, and well-being.


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