Wax Brazilian - An Intro To A Sexy, Clean, And Liberating New Look


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The Brazilian wax is one look that most women are delighted with although before hand many women are a little nervous of having one!

The advantages of a Brazilian wax far out weigh the disadvantages so should you have a Brazilian Wax? Let’s find out.


Hair removal is in fashion today, but was popular, thousand so years ago in India, Persia and Greece for example.

Hair removal was seen as clean and hygienic.

Furthermore, both men and women found it more sensuous (just as they do today) and women believed their *** satisfaction was greater and men found oral sex easier.

What exactly is a Brazilian wax?

The expression Brazilian Wax refers to the total removal of all pubic hair.

If you are not sure of having a Brazilian wax, try a simple bikini wax first.

This takes most the pubic hair away, except for the most private area which the Brazilian wax takes care of!

If the bikini worked for you, and you think you would prefer a completely bare look, then the Brazilian wax is next.

The treatment

It’s not difficult to find a professional today, as most beauty salons are now offering it as one of their treatments and costs are highly affordable.

Try to get some references on the salon in advance you are dealing with and speak to a waxer to put your mind at ease:

For the US, you can expect to pay anything around $50 to $100 for a waxing treatment.

How long they have been in business, ask for testimonials etc

The Brazilian Waxing Technique

It’s a good idea to show up for your appointment showered and cleaned.

You will be shown to a therapy room or private area with partitioned off with a curtain.

There will be a table for you to lie on, and the operator can ask you to lie on your back, and pull you knees up to breasts.

If your pubic hair is long, the operator will trim it down with scissors and you will then be ready for your Brazilian waxing to commence.

The waxer will apply a special wax to you pubic area.

When it cools and dries, a cloth is placed upon the wax.

The waxer will pull the wax off, and the hair will be removed with it.

This will be a bit painful, it will however be tolerable for most people and with future waxings the pain will decline.

An experienced waxer will work quickly and the whole session should be completed in around 15 to 30 minutes.

Then, soothing and healing lotions are applied to the skin to prevent irritation and rashes from causing discomfort or any pubic hair to become ingrown.

Depending on your hair growth pattern, the Brazilian wax should last for around 1 month, then you will need another session.

The more times you have the Brazilian wax, the less hair tends to grow back.

Is it worth it?

In the vast majority of cases the Brazilian wax makes the patient feel, clean, liberated and sexy. Sure, there is a bit of pain, but this is not normally as bad as, many people think it will be and the advantages for most make the treatment worthwhile.

Not only will you love your new look you will probably find your partner do!


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