Unwanted Facial Hair - 10 Facts You Should Know


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It is reckoned many millions of women in the United States alone are concerned about unwanted facial hair as it affects their feeling of well-being and even their sense of femininity.

Vaniqa, a prescription cream, has now been on the market for many years, and although the company who produces it has changed over the years, millions of dollars have been spent on obtaining the rights. Evidently it is still a very viable option many women use to neutralize unwanted facial hair.

Here are 10 facts you should know about Vaniqa:

1. Vaniqa cream is not a hair removal cream. Depilatories contain strong chemicals which basically dissolve the hair. Vaniqa is not a depilatory. Rather, the ingredients in Vaniqa get into the hair follicle and affect the hair follicle's ability to produce new hair. So it is rightly described as a hair growth retardant or inhibitor.

2. Time is needed so be patient in waiting to see results from Vaniqa. Many women see a difference in the rate of hair growth after using it twice a day for about 2 months. If after six months you see no difference then it's probably never going to work so discontinue using it.

3. Vaniqa is particularly effective for unwanted facial hair on the upper lip, below the chin, and on the neck.

4. Vaniqa should only be used by women or young females over the age of twelve. It is not intended for men.

5. In clinical trials some women experienced slight side effects such as redness and irritation of the skin. However, this was a small minority and the adverse reactions are minimal.

6. Vaniqa cream should be massaged into the skin where the unwanted facial hair is growing twice a day, perhaps once at the beginning of the day and once at the end of the day.

7. Pregnant women or women breast feeding should be aware that there is insufficient data from the clinical trials to give assurance that Vaniqa is completely safe in these situations. Consultation with a medical practitioner is advised.

Some women who are expecting or nursing choose to avoid any risk whatsoever to the unborn or very young and instead continue with their current method for removing unwanted facial hair such as waxing, sugaring, or tweezing.

8. Vaniqa cream is a prescription drug. You can either obtain it through your local physician or use an online drug agency. In the latter case, be sure to give honest answers about your medical history and condition in the questionnaire that must be completed before an order is processed.

9. You can still use cosmetics and skin moisturizers with Vaniqa. Just make sure you apply Vaniqa cream first and wait for it to dry before applying any cosmetic preparation.

10. Vaniqa can be a good accompaniment to laser hair removal for unwanted facial hair. Clinical tests indicate that using a combination of laser hair removal and Vaniqa increased the effectiveness of the laser treatment.

It must be stated that no two individuals are exactly the same when it comes to responding to prescription drugs and medications. In some tests, about 58% of the women involved reported a decrease in hair growth. Obviously Vaniqa will not work for everyone.

Nevertheless, if unwanted facial hair is bothering you, why not try the Vaniqa option and see if you can make your facial hair removal sessions easier and less frequent.

Mike Jones is a writer and webmaster with over 10 years experience.

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