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Simple Beauty Tips to Help You Look Younger


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Everybody wants to look younger. This statement has held true for centuries. If it wasn’t true then why do we have countless stories about achieving eternal youth such as the Fountain of Youth? Why would some people inject their foreheads full of chemicals such as Botox? These people would trade the ability to smile for the absence of wrinkles.

No matter how old someone is they want to look young, sexy and intelligent. There are a number of beauty secrets and tricks that can help shed the years off you. These beauty tips will make you look young and at the same time you will start feeling young too.

Some things we do to help us appear younger looking take a few minutes, some take days, other months. Then there are certain things some of us go out of our way to do to ourselves that make us look older. Here is a list from leading beauty experts at on how to look young and how to avoid those habits which make us appear older. This is how:

1. Always apply moisturizer before you put on your foundation. Wait for ten minutes to allow the skin to absorb it then apply.

2. Cover flaws like pigmented patches with a foundation or a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone.

3. Use a creamy foundation diluted with a drop of water for lighter and smoother coverage.

4. When choosing foundations, try to go with beige or golden tones and avoid pinks.

5. Avoid powders if your skin is dry, but apply a soft shade blusher on the cheekbones going outwards and slightly upwards.

6. Go for the soft look while applying eye make-up. Avoid eyeliners, use eye shadow or eye pencil to line the upper lids. Draw a line close to the lashes.

7. Avoid harsh black eye pencils; go for brown or grey shades instead.

8. Mascara helps to brighten eyes. Use a brush to separate the lashes for a natural look.

9. Redefine the lip line with a lip pencil and fill in with lipstick, using a lip brush.

10. Very dark lip colors, especially blue tones have an aging effect. Very light colors are also a no-no. Go for burgundy, plum, coral, bronze, copper or coffee shades.

The key thing here to remember, no matter how you choose to apply these tips, is “subtlety”. Obviously, you can drastically change the way your face looks by applying a large amount of make-up, but there is a good chance you’ll end up looking silly to others by going that route. Your goal shouldn’t be to achieve a younger look, but one that projects grace and elegance. A better way of saying this is you want to look young for your age, no matter how old you are.

For more information on makeup tips such as this, be sure to visit the experts at at When they’re done, your face will look like you just left an expensive salon. They offer tips on how to achieve a velvety, natural finish and keep your makeup lasting longer. Visit them and find out how to look like million dollars on a real woman’s budget.

Angie is a recent college graduate in communications. She specializes in writing beauty tips and secrets. Angie currently writes beauty articles for a website offering countless makeup tips .


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