Tips for Wearing Your Makeup Correctly Around the Office


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The look of how you present yourself is more important than ever these days for women. It’s especially more important for women who work in an office environment. We want to be taken as serious business professionals but we also want to keep our femininity. After all, isn’t that what makes us women? We also don’t want to wear too much make up and come off as childish or unprofessional. It’s quite the tightrope we women need to walk.

Make-up experts all agree that it is a fine line what women need to walk in an office environment. Today’s women need to show they are just as strong as a man; that they can keep up with a man, and yet still show they are soft and kind like a woman. Here are some quick suggestions for an office environment friendly make-up routine:

  • First off, clean your face with cleansing wash does not contain any harsh ingredients. After cleaning your face, apply a layer of toner for removing excess cleanser and unclog the pores and then massage your face with a little bit of moisturizer.
  • Do not use face cream or foundation on the face. If you have a smooth complexion, you can get away with some foundation with a few drops of water and toner for translucent the skin. Use a small amount of powder and pat it on the cheeks by using a brusher.
  • After you do all this, apply some eye makeup by using an eye liner, eye shadow and some mascara. Apply a liquid eye liner to define your eyes that extra little, and lastly, apply one or two coats of mascara.
  • Put on a light-shaded lipstick. Blot it to give a natural look by using tissue papers.

You’re one hour away from quitting time and you get the email that you have been scheduled for a last minute meeting with a potential client or investor. Now, it’s been around seven to eight hours since you’ve checked your make up so what do you? The answer is don’t panic. Here are some tips for those quick emergencies like this:

  • First, pat a little bit of compact powder on your face, and then define the eyes in large size. After you do this, press your eyelids softly with a cotton swab or your finger. It should give you a smoky effect.
  • Use blusher on the chin, forehead and cheek bone. Apply lip liner and lipstick on lips.
  • Apply a dark lip liner on top of the lips for making lipstick for long term period. You can apply only lipstick in case of having no lip liner if you NEED to.

For more makeup tips such as this, be sure to visit the experts at at When they’re done, your face will look like you just left an expensive salon. They offer tips for makeup wearers on how to achieve a velvety, natural finish and keep your makeup lasting longer. Visit them and find out how to look like million dollars on a real woman’s budget.


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Makeup Application How to Achieve a Stunning Daytime Natural Look With Makeup
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