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Using Fatty Tissue for Breast Augmentation


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Using fatty tissue for breast augmentation is a technique that has not received much attention recently, but it is definitely an approach you should know about.

The process of this particular breast augmentation procedure requires that fatty tissue be removed from various parts of the body and injected into the breast. In the same way that saline and silicone implants are used to enlarge the breast, the patients own fat tissue is utilised to perform this procedure. The reasons for following this route are varied, but no less complicated than using traditional methods of breast enlargement.

Safety is the overriding issue when contemplating any form of cosmetic surgery. The national society of plastic surgeons should be consulted when deciding on a suitable doctor for performing your procedure. It is always wise to consult a number of surgeons before making a final choice. The risks should be discussed fully with your chosen doctor, who must answer your questions fully and explain the process to your satisfaction. As you have your own reasons for embarking on the surgery, you should discuss these with your doctor to ensure that your expectations will be met. Some of the reasons why women decide to have surgery are to be more proportional, to reshape or enlarge breasts that have lost shape or to balance breasts that are asymmetrical.

The use of fatty tissue for augmentation is not widespread as the number of surgeons who offer this method are limited. The risks associated with the use of your own fat include infection, bleeding as well as irregular shape and size. The success of this method relies on the quality of the fat tissue removed, as well as the cannula used to remove fat, the processing of the removed fat, the method of technique used to ingest the fat, as well as the post-operative treatment. It is important that follow up visits to X-ray the breasts as well as to take biopsy of the transplanted tissue occur for at least a year.

Due to the various problems experienced by utilising fat transplant in enlargement procedures, it is not a recommended procedure. It is more commonly used in the rejuvenation and enhancement of the facial areas. It is less commonly used in the buttocks and lower body. Despite the fact that the results are far from satisfactory, a number of patients undergo the procedure each year. The survival of fat tissue transplanted from one area to another is considered to be a chance not worth taking by a growing number of surgeons.

Unless you are dead set on utilising fatty tissue augmentation and have found a reliable board certified surgeon to perform the procedure, I suggest you consider the safer alternatives available to you.

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Breast Augmentation Alternatives - Non Surgical Breast Enhancement
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