Kissing Your Wrinkles Goodbye

Christine Cheng

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Wrinkles, deep folds and fine lines are signs that we are no longer are as young as we feel. These can be dynamic (appear with facial expression) or static (there all the time). Dynamic wrinkles are caused by muscle activity and become static and deeper with time.

Many of us yearn to look youthful without plastic surgery or having a face frozen by Botox injections. Fortunately, this is possible and easily achieved with a judicious mix of Botox and injectable fillers.

Botox is a purified protein that prevents muscle contraction. Used in large amounts, it can cause a frozen unnatural look. However, judicious use can produce a very natural result as the facial muscles are just weakened & not paralyzed.

Botox for cosmetic use has gone beyond wrinkle relaxation. It is now also used for facial contouring and face lifting. The traditional uses (reduction of frown lines, forehead lines and crow's feet) remain the most frequently requested cosmetic procedure in the USA.

Injectable fillers or dermal fillers are used to treat static lines.

Most of the wrinkles and folds that develop in the bottom half of the face are caused by loss of elasticity, atrophy of underlying support structures and the pull of gravity over the years. Things like folds between the nose and the mouth (naso-labial lines); marionette lines running from the mouth to the chin can be improved with dermal fillers.

These are substances, injected under the skin to create volume and smooth out the folds on the surface in procedures known as soft-tissue augmentation. Not only does it plump-up the area being treated, but recent research shows that some of these fillers also stimulate your skin to produce more new collagen and stop the further breakdown of your existing collagen.

Fillers are often used to enhance facial contours too: lip, nose and chin augmentations are popular requests.

There are many types of filler available on the market and the hyaluronic acid fillers are generally the most popular in view of their safety and affordability. Temporary fillers can last for up to a year depending on the location of injection and the type of filler chosen.

Hence Botox and fillers are quick and safe options for those of us wishing to remain youthful (and natural).

Dr Christine Cheng is an Aesthetic Physician at Simply Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Contouring Clinic ( ) in Singapore. She provides Botox, fillers and chemical peels for rejuvenation purposes. She integrates anaesthesia-grade pain-relief techniques for optimal client comfort. She runs an effective slimming program combining the Food Intolerance Test with Mesotherapy and Advanced Contouring techniques to speed up the fat melting process. She is the Aesthetics Contributor for Gethat Magazine.

Simply Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Contouring Clinic provides non-surgical solutions to enhance physical beauty. Treatments available include mesotherapy for fat melting, cellulite, stretch marks, alopecia and rejuvenation, botox, fillers and chemical peels. Their cellulite program ( ) shows reduction after 3 sessions, with elimination of moderate cellulite after just 5 sessions.


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