Hair Conditioner: How To Choose The Right One


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A good hair conditioner will help offset some of the negative effects of using a hair shampoo. Sebum is a natural oil produced in the hair follicle to give the hair protection. As it has a natural antiseptic it helps guard the scalp against protection.

During the day however dirt and grime can stick to the sebum so the hair needs regular thorough cleaning. Ordinary soap fails to do the job. A mild quality hair shampoo contains ingredients to clean the hair which involves taking away some of the sebum.

A hair conditioner restores the balance by replacing some of the oils, as well as moisturizing the hair and giving it a shine.

Various types of hair conditioner perform different jobs. Here is a checklist to enable you to choose the right hair conditioner for your hair and for the purpose you have in mind:

General Use

For general regular use to keep the oil balance in your hair: Use a basic, oil based conditioner which contains an ingredient like lanolin which is easy to spread through the hair.

Deep Conditioning Oils

Purchase a deep conditioning shampoo in a tube which can be made hot by placing in hot water and then massaged into the hair and scalp. Hair should be patted dry and once the oils have been evenly spread over the scalp a shower cap can be worn and the oils left in for whatever time the manufacturer recommends.

Alternatively use henna wax hair conditioner which performs basically the same function as a deep conditioning oil.

Leave-In Conditioners

If you suffer with damaged hair or difficult to manage fly away hair, a leave-in conditioner can add shine to the hair while helping the hair retain moisture. They can also offset the effects of static.

Conditioning Sprays

These are useful to protect the hair while using a blow dryer to avoid heat damage. They can also help when styling by reducing static on fine hair.

Restructurants For Damaged Chemically Treated Hair

While only providing temporary relief, this kind of hair conditioner can provide the hair cuticle with proteins which are absorbed by the hair.

If you perm your hair look out for an after-perm hair conditioner which can restore the pH (potential hydrogen) level of the hair which can be reduced through perming. This kind of hair conditioner can help the hair keep its bounce.

Protect your hair from the sun

If you are likely to be in direct sunlight for long periods, consider getting a hair conditioner with a built in UV (ultraviolet) screen which will protect the hair from being damaged by harmful rays from the sun.

In conclusion: A quality hair conditioner can give your hair bounce and shine while maintaining proper oil, pH, and moisture levels.

Be aware though that a hair conditioner can only do so much! Your main strategy for maintaining healthy hair comes from the inside.

Paying attention to a healthy diet and sufficient exercise will maintain a healthy supply of blood to the scalp so the hair follicles get the proteins and nutrients they need to produce healthy new hair.

You may wish to check out the hair care products from Nisim International, a hair specialist company in Toronto, Canada. For over 20 years they have researched hair and hair related problems in their laboratories. See the resource box below for details of their hair care line.

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