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Is Removing Your Pubic Hair A Sign Of Insanity?


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When you think about its legitimate question don't you think? Why in the world would anyone be interested in pubic hair removal? Why would you want to remove your pubic hair?

And while the trend and those that follow it are growing at an alarming rate, the question remains why?

Those who like to take it all off claim that removing your pubic hair is more hygienic, more attractive, makes them feel better about their genitalia and improves the quality of their sex lives.

Really ?

Let's look at these points one of the time.

Removal of Your Pubic Hair is More Hygienic. Well we're clutching at straws here aren't we? The whole point of pubic hair amongst other things is to help maintain the cleanliness of our genitals. Admittedly this is not as important as it was in the days where clothes below the waist were optional, but the fact remains that a decent pubic bush provides a buffer from what is arguably the most delicate bodily region and the external environment.

Pubic Hair Removal Makes Your Genitals More Attractive. While I can think a lot of the words that apply to genitals, attractive is not one that immediately springs to mind. Arousing, in a purely animalistic kind of way perhaps, but definitely not attractive. Now obviously the pubic hair removalists will fight me on this one but the fact remains men's and women's private parts are kept private for a reason. And in the case of many people the more covering that can be applied to them the better. Ever wonder why clothes were invented? They were invented because in many cases the pubic thatch just wasn't enough.

Unfortunately some men who really should know better have been caught up in this pubic hair removal revival, and have jumped on the bandwagon and started waxing and shaving and trimming their pubic hair. And you want to know why? Because trimming your pubic hair provides the optical illusion of a bigger penis. Notice we are not saying a more attractive *** but simply the appearance of a bigger penis.

Removing Your Pubic Hair Makes You Feel Better About Your Genitals. Closely related to this last point is the notion that those who remove their pubic hair claimed it makes them feel more comfortable, makes them feel better about their genitals. Will I think we have dispelled the main reasons why this would be so. In the case of men they feel better because they think they have a bigger *** when in fact their small *** is clearly on show for everyone to see once the pubic hair is removed. If on the other hand they kept their pubic hair people would at least be left wondering, rather than knowing for sure that there *** on the “smallish" side.

Pubic Hair Removal Improves the Quality of Your Sex Life. Well at least this is a concept that is worth pursuing. But how exactly does removing your pubic hair improve your sex life? How have these pubic hair removalists used sex to rationalise their irrational pastime.

While feeling good about your genitals and how they look certainly can play a part in a satisfying sex life, the only legitimate reason why being pubic hair free could improve your sex life is in the area of oral sex. Most pubic hair removalists will claim that oral sex is more “comfortable" when there is no pubic hair. These people have obviously never suffered “whisker rash" as a result of oral sex with a partner who's hair begins to grow back during the act. And if you have never experienced this believe me it is anything but comfortable.

The fad that is pubic hair removal seems to be here for good with more men and women every day choosing to go pubic hair free. Does pubic hair removal qualify as a sign of insanity? Insanity may be too strong a word. But any time you get apparently normal people pouring hot wax around their genitals, and then waiting for the wax to harden, so they can then use that hardened wax to tear out their pubic hair by the roots, only to have to repeat the process a couple of weeks later, while these people may not be clinically insane they certainly appear to be crazy.

If you have been thinking about removing your pubic hair and want to jump on the pubic hair removal bandwagon then you must check out the other side of the pubic hair removal story at for a ton of pubic hair removal information, DIY tips, best pubic hair removal products and even pubic hair removal videos…. it's all there… if you dare.


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