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Most women are not happy with how their stomach and butt looks. This is not because most women are not beautiful, but rather because few people are actually happy with how they look, no matter how they look. We live in a society where the concepts of beauty are often very narrow. Lisa Rudes-Sandle is a fashion designer that has been in the denim business for years. She came to the realization that no one was making jeans for real women. Jeans tend to be made for very young girls, or very skinny girls. No one makes jeans with any kind of womanly shape to them. They are all made small or lacking any shape. That is why Lisa Rudes-Sandle answered the call and created Tummy Tuck Jeans.

Tummy Tuck Jeans are worn by some very famous and beautiful shapely women including Rachel Ray, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and Diane Sawyer. The reason why Tummy Tuck Jeans are so popular and effective is that they flatten your tummy and lift your butt. The special crisscross panel of the Tummy Tuck Jeans is what allows them to have such a great effect on your figure and feel so comfortable at the same time.

Tummy Tuck Jeans allow a woman to look and feel her best. This is not a matter of vanity; this is a matter of confidence. By knowing that you look your best you will feel better about yourself and will have an aura of confidence about you that will translate into everything you do. You will perform better at work and project professionalism in everything you do.

It is rare that a pair of pants can feel as comfortable as a pair of sweatpants, yet be the most flattering pants that you own. This means that Tummy Tuck Jeans can be worn every day, not just when you are willing to sacrifice comfort to look your best. You can wear Tummy Tuck Jeans around the house and feel good all day long knowing that you look great, even if no one else is looking.

The reason Lisa Rudes-Sandle is the perfect designer for Tummy Tuck Jeans is that Lisa is the daughter of George Rudes, the man behind the Saint Germain jeans of the 1970s and 1980s. Lisa and Leslie Rudes-Sandle pulled their father out of retirement to create Not Your Daughter's Jeans and the Tummy Tuck line. The secret that makes Tummy Tuck Jeans work so well is the pattern of the denim and the higher amount of Lycra. This allows them to lift and restrict in the right areas but remain very comfortable and flexible. This is why Tummy Tuck Jeans are some of the most popular in the country, and are very affordable, too.

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