Makeup Tips for Getting Your Makeup to Last All Day


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Often times, I have a very hard time with make-up staying on. It never wants to stay on for me. No matter the makeup brand I choose, it still seems to come right of my face within a few hours. Not only was this a major inconvenience for me but it got affect my budget. Makeup can be rather expensive in case you never noticed.

After speaking to some beauty experts and reading makeup articles online, I think I may have found a solution. It pains me to say this, but it turns out that I may be the problem. Everyone I spoke to told me the same thing. The key to long lasting makeup is the right application along with the right product.

No matter how carefully applied it can be, makeup will pull a disappearing act if you don’t set it. That’s why the beauty experts at put together this following list. Here are some of their secrets for having your makeup last throughout the long work day:

  1. The first best bit of advice I can give you is this is: use everything on your skin in moderation. I know that my last statement may give off the impression that I have no clue what I’m talking about, but trust me. The more you makeup you pile on, the more likely that your blush, powder or concealer will mix with oils from your skin and rub off. See. I told you I wasn’t crazy!
  2. When setting your face with powder, try to lightly dust your face with it. Don't press it with a puff. All this does is grinds it into your skin. Reserve puff-grinding for throughout the day when you face becomes an oily mess right before your important mid-afternoon lunch.
  3. Use a semi-creamy concealer whenever you can. The trouble with concealer often is that you want one dry enough to actually cover dark spots, but creamy enough so that your face doesn’t look wrinkly and dry. It's a clearly a tightrope to walk. I recommend a light swipe for brightening then powder everything; it will set it nicely without giving you a crinkly, powder-around-the-eye look.
  4. Bring blotting papers for daily oil removal. If you start off by using a pressed powder, this will only make your skin shinier. Here’s a crazy idea: take OFF some makeup, and your left with nothing but face. You’d be surprised how many guys actually like the natural look on a woman.
  5. Prime your lids with an eye primer. I've used this on my clients and it really makes the shadow last all day with no creasing.
  6. I saved the best tip for last. Buy a makeup setting spray and use it after you finish your entire makeup regimen. It does for your face, what hairspray does for your hair. It holds it, sets it, keeps it how you want it for the majority of the day. I use it all the time and I must admit it works wonders for eye-shadow, foundation, blush, and even lipstick.

I know having to adhere to any more steps during the morning face-grind isn’t the most enjoyable thing to think of, but trust me and follow them. It will be worth getting up that extra twenty minutes early for. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

For more information on makeup subjects such as this, be sure to visit the experts from MakeUpTip at . When they’re done, your face will look like you just left an expensive salon. They offer tips on how to achieve a velvety, natural finish and keep your eye makeup lasting longer. Visit them and find out how to look like million dollars on a real woman’s budget.


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