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One of the main reasons smoking is regarded as a hard habit to kick is because it feels like a loss, and any loss is a traumatic experience which makes us very uncomfortable and very distressed. For many people, giving up smoking is like losing a loved one, it really does leave them feeling horrifically lost and alone. And that means that in order to give up for good, we have to do one of two things:

1. Get tougher so we can withstand the trauma of being smoke free, or…

2. Change our mindset so that quitting smoking does not feel like a loss, but a GAIN.

And that is precisely what it is, ask any ex-smoker, they are usually more disgusted by cigarette smoke than anybody else. Why? Because they have made the massive leap from smoker to non smoker, and they know how much of an improvement this made to their life. These people will make darn sure they won’t be going back to their old ways, no matter what.

You can choose either method, but one is distinctly easier than the other, and that is to change the way your sub-conscious mind attaches itself to your habit so that giving up smoking feels like an improvement to your life instead of some kind of loss. And it is definitely no loss at all, we all know that. This is what we specialize in at our quit smoking website where we are showing people how their own mind is what they must conquer, NOT their addiction! Many people have a ton of motivation to Quit Smoking but this is not always enough on its own.

When you admit that you are better off without tobacco, you are deciding that this using conscious intelligent thought, but that is not the part of your brain which is hooked on smoking and that is not the part of the brain which determines how you feel when you stop smoking. All animals are similar in some ways, and this is one area where this is true. One thing I have a great deal of experience in is dog training and most of time is spent trying to teach this same theory to people about their dogs because dogs and all animals learn in this exact same way. When someone teaches a dog to do something, most people do it using techniques which access the dog’s conscious mind. However, all the most powerful, long-lasting, and instinctive behaviours which their dog already possesses were learned sub-consciously, usually when very young. By using techniques which target the sub-conscious mind of a dog, the message is MUCH easier for the dog to understand and to follow, and more importantly, it lasts forever because the sub-conscious mind doesn’t forget, unlike the conscious mind. The same theory applies to all animals, it has been proven with Dolphins, with Seals, with cats, monkeys and yes with people too!

When you burnt your hand as a child, the lessons and emotions learned at that very second are still with you today, and determine your actions now and until the day you die, through your sub-conscious mind patterns. Most people believe they can consciously decide to quit smoking and then just add a ton of will power, and this will make them a non-smoker, but this is completely untrue in 90% of people, hence the massive failure rate with the willpower method.

Most people have sub-conscious attachments and associations with their cigarettes which cause them great stress when that thing is taken away in everyday situations and these thoughts work on your conscious mind gradually over a period of days and weeks, until your conscious mind is forced to make you go out and take up the habit again. This is what we call ‘bouncing’. In the end, the sub-conscious mind ALWAYS wins over the conscious mind, it is just a question of how long you can hold out on willpower alone.

Therefore you MUST grasp control of that illusive sub-conscious area of your own mind if you want to get rid of the pain of giving up and replace it with joy and feelings of achievement. We know the thoughts and psychology which take place in the mind of a smoker, and we know that when you offer someone a chance to kick the habit, they have such a mix of emotions that they will find any excuse to avoid or reject something which might make them quit. Quite often this is due to Nicotine forcing your brain to make a decision which is in Nicotine’s benefit, and not your own! This is how powerful and clever the process of addiction to nicotine is. It affects every decision you make, and every judgment you make. It actually decides your future on your behalf, and that is something you must stop immediately, because we know only too well what the future holds for lifelong smokers.

To grasp control of your sub-conscious and make giving up smoking a pleasurable experience through Positive Hypnosis – visit and have a look into our satisfaction guaranteed and extremely successful Self-Hypnosis CD. Then simply listen to the program in bed or on the couch every day for a few weeks before you quit smoking. This will build your mental strength and combat the negative messages you will know all too well if you have tried to quit before using will power alone. We have many successful clients and a huge success rate, but if for any reason you don’t find this helps you quit smoking - you should simply contact us and we will refund your money in full immediately, no surveys or questions whatsoever. We KNOW you will quit smoking with this technique. For those who want something for nothing, we have just launched our new Stop Smoking Audio Course which we are offering free to new members for a limited time. The course is weekly and lasts a whole year! Book your FREE seat today!


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