Drugs To Induce Smoking Cessation: Are They Harmful?


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All the medicines discovered so far have side-effects from the minimum to the maximum level for which a section of people always have doubts regarding their efficacy. Even after being prescribed by a doctor people still remain inhibited to incorporate drugs in their anti-smoking regimen for the fear that their attempts to induce smoking cessation through chemically synthesized medicines might yield dramatically harmful results. The sheer side-effects of the drugs become visible sooner or later after their intake.

Most of the drugs available at the nearby chemist’s shop undoubtedly possess side-effects but while paying attention to occasionally harmful effects of these medications you should also consider the fact that the benefits derived from the FDA (Food And Drugs Administration) approved medications like Chantix far surpass their occasional side-effects like headache, sleeplessness, nausea and as such when smoking induced ailments press you hard you can hope of relieving yourself through a suitable anti-smoking drug.

But it is not an altogether easy process to get rid of smoking addiction. But why? What are the obstructions that prevent you from giving up smoking? The first and foremost hindrance is the chemical nicotine contained in tobacco products. Smoking addicted people are completely under the influence of nicotine with the pleasure feeling induced by the harmful substance weighing heavily on their mind. Owing to this fact, smokers across the world feel more and more cravings for cigarette when they pass by a shop dealing in tobacco containing substances. They try repeatedly and fail with all their energies proving futile in front of the power of nicotine.

What method do you suggest them to adopt at such a critical juncture? Should they silently bear all the evils of cigarette smoking on their lungs, heart, eyes, throat, Urinary tract, sex organs and other body parts? There is no point in staying back and as such if the doctor advises to try out an anti-smoking medicine, it would be sensible to opt for it. Here I would like to add that the recently FDA approved anti-smoking medicine Chantix is making waves in the anti-smoking market.

The money you spend on Chantix will not go wasted for the medication is clinically tested and found effective for inducing smoking cessation in adults. Chantix functions similarly to its formidable foe nicotine. The operating process of chantix starts off with the drug combining with the nicotine receptor cells in the brain and triggering off the same feeling induced by nicotine. While Chantix continues to function it provides one supplementary benefit to the consumer which is the protection cover it offers to the brain cells against the harmful effects of nicotine. So now what are the plans up your sleeve? Mind the fact that nicotine addiction can induce a whole array of diseases in you and erectile dysfunction, cancer of the various parts such as mouth, lungs and kidney are the worst that can happen to you if you have not been able to leave the smoking habit which you began a long time back.

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