Stop Smoking - Do You Believe These Smoking Myths - If So They Will Prevent You from Quitting


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If you believe any of the smoking myths below they will hinder you in your desire to give up or cut down your smoking habit.

Here are your 7 smoking myths that can hinder your quest to quit smoking.

1. Smoking is addictive as heroin or crack cocaine

This is simply not true. The cravings from and withdrawal symptoms of crack or heroin are much more severe.

How often to you hear of people killing, robbing or selling everything they own to give up cigarettes?

By believing this myth, people actually put a mental barrier in front of them that says smoking is hard or impossible to give up, which is not true.

2. Herbal treatments work

Many herbal supplements are sold saying that they will help you give up smoking but medical evidence that they work is never shown.


Because, there isn’t any. The same goes for acupuncture and hypnotherapy.

3. Nicotine causes disease and kills you

Nicotine provides the addictive nature of cigarette smoking but medically there is no evidence that it causes disease or death - That is some of the other 4,000 odd chemicals that are consumed not nicotine.

4. Nicotine is still bad for you

No it is not. In fact medical research shows it’s good for you (when removed from cigarette smoking) and it is medically proven to improve mood concentration and attention.

In fact it is part of the natural food chain and is found as trace elements in many common foods such as potatoes, tomatoes and even tea.

In organic form it is safe and non toxic and many people are taking it not just to give up smoking but due to its potential health benefits. This leads onto…

5. To give up smoking cold turkey is the way to go

It is if you have the willpower but you have to cope with nicotine cravings.

Many people do cold turkey simply because they feel that nicotine is bad for you but when you know it is not, you can get help by taking does of nicotine outside of cigarettes via:

Patches, gum, inhalers, puffers etc

There is no reason not to and it is proven to double your chances of success over quitting cold turkey.

6. I can never give up smoking its to hard

You were not born a smoker you acquired the habit and you can live without it again just as you did before.

7. I need help to give up

You can get help with the nicotine cravings (physical addiction) but there is also a psychological addiction.

Smokers view cigarettes as comforting just like a friend, but just as you can give up friends throughout your life, because they don’t have a good affect on you, you can give up cigarettes.

If you want to give up you will, if you don’t you wont – it’s as simple and straightforward as that.


A new organic water containing organic nicotine and water with no added chemicals is available. For more facts on the new alternative for smokers visit:


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