Natural Stop Smoking Methods

Christine Anderssen

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Natural stop smoking methods are the best way to stop smoking, but you need to combine it with a stop smoking plan.

The problem is that if you use nicotine replacement therapy or other drugs to give up cigarettes you might merely be replacing one addiction for another, or, in the case of nicotine replacement, you might never get rid of the nicotine addiction since any nicotine replacement product will release nicotine into your bloodstream over a period of time.

What can you do to stop smoking naturally?

1. Draw up a stop smoking plan. Set a date for when you are going to stop smoking. Make a poster or a list of all the reasons why you want to stop smoking. These might include wanting to be healthier, wanting to save money and so forth. Keep these reasons in mind when you feel the urge to start again.

2. Enlist the help and support of your friends and family members to help you during the first few days when the withdrawal symptoms are at their worst.

3. Try and adopt a new hobby that can keep you busy. It will take your mind off smoking.

4. Get rid of all the reminders about smoking in and around your house and your office, like ashtrays and cigarette lighters or matches. These are reminders of the days that you still smoked and you might just be tempted to start again if you see these.

5. Try and stay away from clubs and hotels that offer smoking rooms or places where public smoking is still allowed. This might be just too much of a temptation, especially at the beginning.

6. Drink lots of fluids especially fruit juice, water or tea. These will reduce the dry feeling you might feel in your mouth and also acts as a natural replacement for the act of smoking. Stay away from alcohol since it lowers your natural inhibitions and you might feel your willpower weakening, and it will contribute to possible weight gain, which you want to avoid.

7. Do not replace your cigarette with snacking! You might feel the urge to eat all the time since it might seem like a natural replacement for cigarettes - at least it keeps your mouth busy! But it will lead to weight gain. Rather try and chew on sugar free, non nicotine gum if you feel that you need to keep your mouth busy.

8. Do read a good book on how to stop smoking. Check the resource box for a good reference. The best one around that has helped thousands of people is Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking.

These tips are all common sense and really you should know these by now. The biggest problem is to find the willpower to stop and more importantly, not to start again.

But you need to realise that it IS possible to stop smoking naturally, and if you see the uncomfortable cravings and withdrawal symptoms in the beginning as temporary irritations, you will soon realise that you have stopped - for good, and feel all the better for it.

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