Do You Want To Quit Smoking? Take The Advice Of Nike And Just Do It

Trevor Kugler

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As a former smoker, who choked down “heaters" for more than fifteen years and walked away, I believe I can make a statement like the title of this article. What I've realized in the time since I walked away from the cancer sticks, is that quitting wasn't nearly as hard as everyone said it would be. It was quite easy as a matter of fact. I just did it and know that you can as well. The other beautiful thing is the fact that I'm not going to attempt to sell you anything to aid you in quitting, unless of course you're in need of some fishing gear.

It's the truth, though. Quitting smoking simply wasn't that difficult. I came to the realization that what I thought about smoking was every bit as important as the smoking itself. I decided not to listen to all of the people around me who said how difficult quitting was going to be. Instead I told myself how easy it was going to be. I decided not to listen to the commercials that talk about the addiction to nicotine and how terrible it was to break. Instead I said to myself, “I'm not addicted to nicotine, there's no such thing. " I realize that you may think I'm insane for making such claims, but the point is, it's exactly what I did. And it worked!

I've come to the conclusion that what a person “thinks" about smoking is the key. If you “think" it's going to be difficult, guess what? It will be. If you think it's going to be easy, it will be. What you think about it is the most important thing.

Quitting smoking also helped me change some other habits in my life. Seeing as how I was tired of cigarettes and everything associated with them, I stopped going to places where other people smoked. I simply didn't want to go to bars and the like any longer; I didn't want to be around smoking at all. And now, I don't go to bars anymore, another plus for stopping smoking. At the end of the day, no one wants to actually spend time in a bar anyway, do they? When you think about it, not much good happens in bars anyway. So through quitting smoking, I also quit going to bars. That was a nice little bonus, if you will?

Remember, at the end of the day, quitting smoking is more about what you “think" about quitting than anything else. Smoking is also a habit, rather than an addiction. You've simply gotten used to smoking, and bought into everyone else's idea of what smoking is. Remember what William Wordswoth said, “Habits rule the unreflecting herd. " If you want to truly stop smoking, stop being part of the unreflecting herd, change your habit, and just do it!

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Quit Smoking Ways Aren't Simple - The First Step Is To Learn HOW To Quit Smoking
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