Attention Smokers! H.A.L.T is Just the Right Thing for You!


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Smoking cessation is a long term process which doesn't happen overnight. But if you compare the amount of time most of us spend on smoking, recovery can be far quicker. Successful recovery from this addiction includes learning how to hear the message behind the urge to smoke and respond with more appropriate choices, such as a nap or a meal, for instance. Have patience with yourself! This new skill takes some time to sharpen up, but you'll get better at it. Eventually, cigarettes will fade as a trigger, and you'll make choices based on what you really need without thinking twice about it.

Here is how you can learn to curb the urge of smoking; just memorize the meaning of this acronym: H. A. L. T. (Hungry, Anger, Loneliness, Tiredness), and you'll have a powerful checklist to help you decode the urges you experience. Most of the times, nicotine craving craving can be traced to one of these four things:


When you are hungry, food is the answer, not a cigarette! If you're concerned about weight gain, try drinking water to help control between meal eating. Have healthy snacks on hand also. Celery sticks, raw baby carrots and frozen grapes make good low calorie snacks.


This is the biggest trigger for most of us. We need healthy outlets for our feelings of frustration. That is why, whenever possible, try to deal with the situation and be done with it. Talk to friends and family about your feelings or write in your journal. The important thing is not to let anger rumble inside you and get the upper hand. Reaching for a cigarette is just a quick fix, and a false fix. Smoking will put you back to square one and you'll be disappointed in yourself as well.


Another word to describe this could be bored. If you're bored, try redirecting your attention, and see if it helps. Depression also falls under this category, and can affect anyone. People quitting tobacco are especially susceptible, at least early on, because leaving cigarettes behind can feel like the loss of a friend. If you feel yourself slipping into a depressed state, take action. Change your environment and it will usually change your attitude.


Instead of lighting up when you are tired, give yourself time to slow down and relax a little, or even go to bed early if you need to. Be aware. Don't let yourself get rundown. You need to protect your quit by protecting your health, both physically, and mentally.

Are you feeling like you will never be free of cigarettes? Thoughts of smoking are always haunting you! Well keep faith in yourself, and be patient. You taught yourself to smoke so you can teach yourself to forget it too. Give yourself time to retrain and get some practice at living your life smoke free. Soon enough, it will seem the most natural thing in the world. You'll get to the point where you'll wonder why you didn't quit sooner, because life without cigarettes has become so easy for you. Till that time practice H. A. L. T.

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