Shedding Light On Nicotine Cravings: What Is This Phenomenon Actually?


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Whenever any discussion centers around cigarette smoking or the smoking of tobacco containing products, a particular chemical called nicotine is mostly blamed and the cravings for this harmful substance is termed as the chief cause behind the drastic increase of smokers across the world. But why are nicotine cravings too influential on smokers when they try to get rid of smoking addiction or stop smoking for a while? The answer lies in the functional mechanism of nicotine, the process through which nicotine acts on the body and makes an individual indelibly attached to cigarettes and other tobacco containing products.

The moment a person smokes cigarettes, nicotine enters into the blood and within an approximate time frame of seven seconds reaches the brain. There, inside the brain, the disastrous chemical substance nicotine attaches itself to the nicotine receptor cells and induces an irresistible pleasure feeling. As the body becomes accustomed to the overwhelming pleasure feeling of nicotine, it therefore becomes impossible to abstain from nicotine containing products like cigarettes.

And when an individual thinks that it is now time to release himself from the evil influence and accordingly tries to quit cigarettes for a few weeks, the sense of pleasure that he had earlier achieved through nicotine comes back to him again and again and with it, his cravings for nicotine grows stronger and stronger.

Unable to cope with nicotine cravings, the smoker who had quit smoking for a temporary period gets back to smoking again. Intake of nicotine containing products further results in the increased flow of the stimulating hormone, adrenaline in the person’s body and subsequently he falls prey to all the nicotine inflicted harms, especially an increase in heart rate, respiration and blood pressure becomes the norm.

But all the disaster and harm likely to be unleashed on the body on account of nicotine can be successfully averted by visiting the nearby doctor’s clinic and adopting an effective anti-smoking regimen in accordance with his instructions. If he recommends the Pfizer approved quit smoking medicine Chantix for you, you can easily opt for the drug and induce smoking cessation.

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How to Quit Smoking With the Nicotine Nasal Spray And The Nicotine Inhaler
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