If You Could Turn Back Time - Would You Smoke?


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Would you, all those years ago, when you didn’t know any better, have smoked that very first cigarette knowing what you do now?

Would you have allowed your friends to persuade you into believing how cool it was to smoke, how great it was to do something that everyone was telling you not to do?

Would you have allowed your body to become hooked on one of the most addictive substances on the planet, one that creates a constant craving that only temporarily goes away when you’re smoking?

Would you have spent all those years telling yourself you smoked because you chose to, not because you had a chemically induced addiction?

Would you have allowed yourself to age prematurely as a result of the after-effects of smoking cigarettes?

Would you have allowed yourself to willingly risk having a range of health problems, such as heart attacks, strokes, peripheral vascular disease and cancer?

Would you have given hundreds of your hard-earned dollars every year to a huge faceless corporation, simply because you couldn’t free yourself from your addiction to nicotine?

Would you have allowed yourself to wake up every morning knowing that you’ve allowed an addictive substance to rule your life and dictate where you eat, work and socialize?

Sadly, you can’t turn back time, the past is gone; however, you can affect the present and in so doing change your future for the better by simply making a decision today to not allow your past choices to control you.

Is your life worth it? I think it is…but do you?

T. D. McKenzie

T. D. McKenzie is the creator of Quit Smoking in 3 Minutes: Discover How You Can Use A Simple Word To “Zap" Nicotine Cravings And Make Them Vanish Within Seconds, Starting Today! http://www.quitsmokingin3minutes.com


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To Smoke or not to Smoke? - Tobacco & Nicotine Testing Kits
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