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If you have friends that smoke, chances are you know at least one person that has tried to quit and was not able to. Smoking is a tough addiction to break, since it consists of a nicotine addiction as well as an oral addiction, a need to participate in the very motions of smoking. It is tough to beat that combination, and it helps if the smoker trying to quit does everything he can to stack the deck in his favor. One way to help someone to stop smoking is with forum participation online. Take advantage of the benefits that online forums can bring to your endeavor.

Get Information

One great thing about reading a forum to stop smoking is that there will be plenty of information from others about what they did or are doing to quit. You will read about methods to quit, alternative therapies, and so on. If you are not looking forward to the prospect of quitting cigarettes cold turkey, information on how to stop smoking in the forum will be valuable to you. Chances are there will be a few posts in the forum that are kept at the very top of the message list with a lot of information that people new to quitting will want to know.

It is A Social Thing

The big benefit to attempting to get help from an online forum to stop smoking is that you are sharing the same experience with people that have quit or are in the process of quitting. To help that process along, it is a great idea to introduce yourself if you do join a forum to stop smoking and talk about your plan. While just reading the forum can give you information, by turning it into a social experience, you will make it harder to quit. The other side of that is you get to encourage others as well, so even if you have got headaches from withdrawal, you can get a good feeling from seeing others encouraged by you.

While it is easy to relapse and pick up a cigarette again if you are facing the withdrawal symptoms alone, it is a lot harder to post each day about your progress and then go to have a smoke. And if you do relapse, talking about it on a forum to stop smoking is more likely to get you encouragement to attempt to keep trying to quit than you would get on your own. People are social creatures, so by turning to a forum as another tool in your efforts to stop smoking , you will be improving your chances of success.

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