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Of the millions of smokers in the world, many would tell you that they would gladly quit if only they could find a program that actually delivers what it promises. There are many quit smoking techniques available which guarantee results but if they all worked, there would be many fewer smokers in the world. Most smokers who have tried to quit are aware of the many methods available such as nicotine replacement therapy, drugs to alleviate cravings, hypnosis, and alternate programs. This article will look at these methods and discuss what works and what does not.

The technique of nicotine replacement therapy is probably the most common and regrettably the least successful quit smoking method available. The theory behind this method is to replace the nicotine a smoker gets from tobacco with an alternate source such as gums or patches in order to fight the cravings a smoker gets once they quit smoking. It is thought that by replacing a smoker's nicotine intake by another source then the smoker can wean themselves off of tobacco completely. The problem is that it is the nicotine that is addictive and while replacing it with a different source may eliminate the health risk of the other chemicals in tobacco, the smoker is still introducing the nicotine poison into their body. Because of these facts, a smoker must have an extreme amount of willpower to break the nicotine habit completely and may turn to drugs to help fight the cravings instead.

For many smokers who are trying to quit that want to avoid the nicotine replacement therapy, drugs that help fight the cravings are a viable alternative. Drugs such as Chantix, Zyban, and Accomplia are all drugs that can be taken when trying to quit smoking although many of these types of drugs require a prescription from your doctor. Most of these drugs work by blocking certain receptors in a smoker's body reducing the nicotine withdraw symptoms and some even affect the smoker by decreasing the pleasurable feeling they get from smoking. While these drugs may be useful for some smokers, the success rate of many is not all that high and many smokers can experience unwanted side effects from taking them. Drugs such as this may help smokers with their cravings but another alternative is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is still to this day often associated with the silly parlor trick where somebody is hypnotized and made to do embarrassing things in spite of the fact that science has firmly established hypnotism as a true science. Hypnotism is a state where a person is open to helpful, positive suggestions and will not work on anybody that does not already have a desire to follow through on the suggestion being made. Quit smoking programs such as the Freshstart quit smoking program rely on hypnotism and claim that using hypnotism to quit smoking will remove any cravings that a smoker would normally feel upon quitting. Quit smoking programs that rely on hypnotism often claim higher success rates then a lot of other programs but you must keep in mind that this method will not work on somebody that does not really want to quit smoking but, of course, this would prove true for any program out there. If hypnotism is something that seems a little unreal to you, then there are some other alternative methods available.

There are many other quit smoking programs available and I will not discuss them all but will say that they can range widely in both success rates and cost. Some of these techniques include acupuncture, quit smoking groups where you use a buddy system for support, and punishment programs where your body learns to associate smoking with physical pain. One program that seems to fall into the punishment style seems to be the forced smoking method where a smoker is forced to smoke non-stop until they get physically ill and no longer have any desire to smoke again. While this may work in some cases, it has also been known to backfire where the smoker's addiction is greatly increased.

As you can see there are a great many quit smoking programs available with a wide range of success rates and not every one will work for all smokers. As already stated, no matter how good the program may claim to be, it will not work on a smoker who is not already committed to quitting their habit. Of all of the programs I've discussed, it appears that the most successful is the hypnosis method and the Freshstart quit smoking program makes some outstanding claims that, if true, would work for most, if not all, smokers.

If you are a smoker that really wants to quit but have been unable to break the habit then there is help available. If you are committed to quitting then the Freshstart quit smoking program may be what you are looking for. Click here for more quit smoking reviews or you can go here to visit the Freshstart website.


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