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My Nasty Habit


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For the last couple of weeks I have been wrestling with the idea of quitting my nasty habit.

"You know what to do, just do it, " I kept telling myself, but not listening.

I have smoked for years.

The symptoms were there: irritability, dry mouth, headaches, weight gain, trouble sleeping and lack of energy.

So, why don't I just stop this nasty habit?

The warnings are everywhere. You see them on TV commercials, on the pack itself, and the no smoking sections in restaurants, but that doesn't seem to phase me enough to quit.

Feeling pathetic, I remember when I had my first cigarette.

There they were, lying on the sidewalk, a yielding temptation for any 13 year old. Someone had dropped their pack of cigarettes and in an instant they were in my pocket!

One day my best friend and I decided to try out the cigarettes I had found. While giggling in the bathroom, eyes watering, and coughing up a storm, I didn't hear my mother coming into the house.

Waving our hands about, trying to get rid of the smoke, we both started to panic! “I am in the bathroom, " I announced.

We threw the cigarettes in the toilet bowel. As we watched them swirl around and around, they finally flushed. With a sigh of relief, we said, “That was a close one!"

An hour later, it happened!

Mother called us into the bathroom and demanded an explanation. “What is this?" We looked into the toilet bowel where my mother pointed.

There they were, floating like logs on a river, were the cigarettes, all 9 of them! I had a hard time sitting on the seat, the next day, as the school bus jostled on the bumpy road.

I continued to smoke a cigarette or two with my friends in school, thinking it was the cool thing to do. Being addicted to nicotine, I began to purchase my own packs from a neighborhood store, never being questioned about my age. And the cycle continued.

One day, my best friend Sheila called. I could hear her smoking over the phone, when I asked, “Hey, do you remember that day when we first smoked a cigarette?" “Oh, the ones that didn't flush down the toilet and we got busted by your mother, " laughing hysterically, “I remember, " she said.

"You know, we should really think about quitting. " “I have been giving it some thought lately, feeling the craving again.

Sheila called a week later. “Hey, how is the cigarette thing going?"
“Great, " I replied.

" I flushed my cigarettes down the toilet. " “I can't believe you did that again!" Chewing my gum, I replied, “Yes, I did that again, and not a single one floated up to the top of the toilet bowel. "

It took me 49 years, but I finally kicked my nasty habit!

Maria Hamilton is a Registered Nurse and an Internet Marketer specializing in online income producing programs.

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