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Smoking can hurt people in a number of ways including being an addiction, with; it is believed more than 400,000 deaths resulting from smoking in the United States. It also hurts those around smokers, and involuntary smoking can cause, it is believed, as many as 300,000 cases of pneumonia as well as bronchitis annually.

Many people try to stop smoking, but may fail in the effort. However, they need to take heart from the fact that they may have to make several attempts before they are able to successfully stop smoking. Every time you try and fail to stop smoking it may be viewed as a part of the overall effort of stopping to smoke, and not a lesson in failure. It is important for you, at the outset, to realize that your smoking habit is an addiction that needs to be cured.

A Matter Of Personal Choice And Liking

Many people believe that they smoke due to liking the feeling, or because they choose to smoke and this may be due to the heavy advertising that tobacco companies use to promote the belief that smoking is a matter of personal choice. The point that needs to be considered is whether this choice or liking to smoke has turned into an addiction, which if it is the case, will prove to be difficult to break the habit. In fact stopping to smoke is as difficult as giving up on a heroin addiction, or cocaine addiction.

If you do make the wise choice of stopping to smoke, you will be well advised to try out a new tool that will help you in your endeavor. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved of Chantix as a means to stop smoking. This is not a magic pill that will end a person's habit of smoking, but it will considerably ease the process of stopping to smoke, and will certainly require you to be persistent as well as committed to achieve your goal.

Smoking causes nicotine from the cigarette to make the receptors within the brain to release dopamine, which is a chemical that causes positive feelings in smokers. If you do stop smoking, the lack of dopamine will trigger misery in you as well as make you feel certain withdrawal symptoms, which include irritation, insomnia as well as difficulty to concentrate. There are nicotine replacement products that you may turn to, which help in continuing to release some few dopamine in the brain and thus lessens craving for nicotine.

You can use Chantix in this way as it also releases low amounts of dopamine so that you do not experience withdrawal symptoms, while it also blocks nicotine receptors within the brain. In fact, the occasional cigarette that you may smoke while taking Chantix will not stimulate your brain's receptors as it would have if you were not using Chantix. In fact, smoking becomes less pleasurable and there is thus less desire to return to smoking.

To get the best from your Chantix intake, you could begin by taking it a week prior to when you wish to stop smoking. It is often prescribed for twelve weeks, and at first, you may need to take it once daily and then progress on to twice daily. With an increase in dosage, you will also not be at much risk of side effects. If you do manage to stop smoking after the twelve weeks are up, another twelve weeks course may also be required to ensure that you do not go back to your old smoking habits again.

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