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1,200 People Per Day Die From Smoking Related Illnesses


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Over 12,00 people per day die from smoking related illnesses. That equals over 400,000 people per year that die from this deadly addiction. More people die each year from this deadly disease than car accidents, fires, homicides, suicides, illegal drugs, and AIDS combined. There are many quitting methods available to smokers, ranging from patches, gum, laser therapy, hypnosis, inhalers, etc.

You can find statistics as to which method is more successful to the general population, but a majority of it depends on how your mind and body deal with an addiction. As a business owner of a low level laser clinic, I can tell you that through my research, I have found that if you truly want to quit. . . you can. You need a quitting aid that will support you through the quitting process.

For example, we continue to give you follow up treatments for free after your initial treatment and fee. Most products will slowly “ween" you off of your nicotine addiction with gradual steps down. We believe it's better to deal with an addiction if you completely remove the drug out of your system and help you deal with the withdraw symptoms.

Through advancements in technology, there are many new quitting methods available. Don't let this discourage you. Call your local clinic and ask many questions. Find out if their quitting process sounds right for you.

Ask yourself this question. You can think of a thousand reasons as to why you shouldn't smoke. Can you think of one as to why you should?

Mingmar Sherpa - Certified Laser Technician

Resources: American Cancer Society


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Why Do Some People Quit Smoking Easily While Others Cant Do It?
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