Homemade Acne Treatment Mixes and Methods


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Acne can be a painful and annoying condition to have. Who wants to wake up and look in the mirror at a face with pimples? Not me! So you need a fix to this problem. Keep in mind though that any acne cure, soap or pill may not be right for you. They can cause you side effects. For instance scaring can result from a poor treatment method. Accutane, the popular prescription for acne, can cause balding as a side effect. It also can cause internal damage. That's why the doctor over your care will need you to take periodic blood tests.

Let's avoid all of that. Some of the best methods for acne care can be found right in your home or purchased at your local grocery store. Some of them might sound unusual but you'll be singing their praises when they zap your zits.

Here is one homemade Acne Treatment mixture I've used successfully on my face. Now keep in mind this was in a period of my life when my Acne was real bad. I mean it was all over the place on my face. If I didn't know any better I would've thought I was a big fat zit myself. So here's the mixture that got rid of a lot of zits.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix these two ingredients together and coat your face with it. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes or until it dries and hardens. Usually I would do this before a shower. Next I would jump in the shower and rinse it off. Be careful of your eyes, it can burn.

This one method worked like a charm. I'd say that 40% of my acne went down the drain doing this for about two weeks.

http://www.AcneFreeAfter3Days.info/ is the web site that gave me this idea along with a dozen more that gave me the clear face I have today.


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Some Treatment Methods To Clear Acne Scars
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