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Physically Fit Older Women – It Is Worth The Effort To Stay In Shape

Bob Crane

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It is a myth that younger women always command the attention because of their youth and appearance. Of course, the younger a person is they will tend to be in better physical shape just because they are more active. But I have found that myself and other men that I know really appreciate being around a middle-aged woman who has taken care of herself both physically and has a professional career. There is something special about an older woman that is hard to put into words perhaps it is the wisdom that they have accumulated through the years plus their physical beauty. But make no mistake a physically attractive older woman is something many young males would be proud and honored to know.

Some older women I have spoken to told me that some of the techniques they have used to keep in shape. The most common reply is they watch what they eat and never or rarely ever eat anything containing sugar or carbohydrates. Several have home exercise equipment and exercise regularly to maintain their fitness while others have success keeping their shape with just diet alone.

Portion control is also a necessity in maintaining a good physical appearance. You have to always know what you are eating and how many calories it contains. Without keeping track of what you consume you could easily end up eating way more than what you need and start putting on the pounds. To really know what you eat you have to write down what you have eaten throughout the day so you know at a glance if you have already eaten your daily caloric intake yet or not. Without a written record you may forget that you had an extra sandwich for lunch and eat too much later in the day. Your body will not forget and those extra calories will be turned into fat.

Some of the older women I have spoken with that are really into physical exercise and fitness also use nutritional supplements, such as, Goji Juice and vitamins, in addition to keeping their food intake in check. The nutritional supplements help give your body the nutrition that it needs without having to eat more food to gain the nutrients. That way you get the nutrients and not the calories.

Being in the home-based business industry I meet many older women at my gym who have a home-based business and are able to devote the time to exercising and staying physically fit and healthy.

So if you are physically attractive older women and you think that no one will look at you because of your age you are wrong.

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