How to Lose Weight Using Release Technique


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What do our emotions have to do with weight loss? As it turns out a lot! Many scientists believe that people are eating, even when they are not physically hungry to fill the “void” inside. Eating is a body’s natural response to several factors like stress, depression, boredom, anxiety and sadness. In fact, research has shown that people who “watch their weight” are most susceptible to “emotional eating”.

Needless to say, that going straight to the cookie jar or grabbing an ice-cream bin does not solve the problem. If anything it makes it worse, because later people mentally punish themselves for not having enough will power to stay away from “comfort foods”. Such feelings as shame and guilt become deeply rooted in the subconscious mind, sabotaging successful weight loss. On one hand a person might feel shame associated with how his/her body looks like and guilt for not being able to stick to the healthy diet, on the other hand those negative feelings and beliefs are resulting in yo-yo dieting and overeating. And the vicious circle begins!

A lot of times our obsession with self-improvement and comparing is actually preventing us from losing weight and having a healthy toned body. Think about it, from every cover of a magazine beautiful people with too slim and too perfectly toned bodies are smiling at us! It makes most people fail in comparison no matter how beautiful, smart or funny they are. Many carry their body image to the extreme, when no matter what they do or how they look, it is never good enough in their own minds. In reality we are all unique human beings with different complexions, different heights and different body shapes. You have to realize it and accept yourself the way you are.

Release Technique can break that vicious circle of constant self-blame and binge eating, by letting go of any self-destructive emotions and beliefs. This powerful technique teaches you how to identify and release unwanted feelings such as regret and guilt. To do that you have to ask yourself, if you would like to change your failures and past bad weight loss experiences. The main obstacle that is holding you back from achieving the perfect body is desire to change those negative experiences.

You have to realize and accept the fact that you have no control of what has already occurred, but you can make a conscious decision to let go of your aspiration to change the past. As soon as you do it feelings of resistance that have caused you enormous inner pain will disappear and tremendous amount of energy will be liberated to help you to safely and with less effort melt away extra pounds!

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