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Mark E. Richardson

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Medicine Saved My Life, But Herbs and Environmental Changes Cured Me Of Allergies

I love modern medicine. It saved my life many times when I had asthma. So I’m not here to knock medicine. I just believe (from my own experience) that despite incredible breakthroughs and heroics in medicine sometimes they simply fail to look for the cause. Such was my experience on my path of curing allergies and asthma from my body.

I was amazed that my doctors had no interest in finding out, or even hearing about what I had done to get rid of asthma. And I don't believe their disinterest was because it would threaten their occupation. I just think their training and conditioning was not about looking for a cure, but only in treatment.


At age 18 I gave up on the drugs and shots. I still took the drugs as needed, and used an inhaler when needed, but I quit seeing my allergist. I decided to see what Chirporactors and Nutritionists could possibly offer. This led to reading books on nutrition, and I tried all the following:

Herbs, cell salts, vitamins, minerals, apple cider vinegar, raw goats milk, protomorphogens (from animal parts), and a host of other things I took. That was in the day when Health Food stores were for wierdos.

After many failed herb, vitamin, and natural experiments While I felt healthier the allergies and asthma were still a part of my life. I decided to accelerate my search.

The following approach worked for me:

5 Steps To Getting Rid of Allergies

The way I rid myself of asthma and allergies involved 5 things:

#1 A clean Liver - The liver, when toxic, can overproduce histamines, causing a hyper-sensitive and over-reactive immune response. There are Liver herbs, and some juices, which can detox the liver of the toxins and additional histamines

#2 A clean diet - Keeping inflammation down by reducing sugars, starches and refined foods keeps the body from over-reacting to allergens and immune system threats.

#3 Avoidance - Avoiding Cats, Dogs, and Allergens while I took the oethr 4 steps also allowed my immunity to rebuild itself.

#4 A clean bedroom - allergy resistant sheets, pillowcases, and keeping my room free of dust mites, mold, and bacteria. This way my immune system would rest at night instead of working all night against the environment. By the way it's the dust mites excrement, not the dust mites themselves, that cause the allergic reactions when inhaled. Change your pillow to a synthetic (mites don't like it) and buy a new one every 9-12 months.

#5 A clean environment -By far the easiest step this meant finding an air purifier, one that kills viruses and bacteria (with UV), absorbs pollen (HEPA), picks up pollution (ion) and can kill mold and mildew (timed ozone is best) to allow the immune system to recover each night, reducing allergic responses.

Not really that tough when you take the steps above. Once your body and immunity is rebalanced you might find as I did that I was able to eat as I wish, withouitb any allergic response.

Mark Richardson is an author, and former Health Practitioner who researches cutting edge health products. His Video Website features FREE Video demonstrations on the newest in air purifier technology.


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