The Real Truth About Prostate Problems

Maurice Clarke

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Things you need to know about the prostate and the problems that occur with this tiny gland. Much of the problem is caused by lack of knowledge or information, often biased by being used to sell you treatments, even suggesting a “cure" for your problem.

Truth 1

Prostate problems are not just for “old men" infections can and do hit men in their 20's although men over 50 are at a greater risk and the risk increases with age.

Truth 2

It is not a sign of weakness or lack of virility to suffer from prostate problems, in fact the prostate gland is connected to the sex organs and there is some evidence to suggest those men with a good libido or sex drive are more likely to suffer prostate problems.

Truth 3

Men are reluctant to seek medical advice or talk about their problems - especially to other men. This suffering in silence can cause potentially years of unnecessary pain and discomfort. Women are more likely to seek advice on behalf of their “strong silent" male partner than the men sufferers themselves.

Truth 4

If you have prostate symptoms the chances of it being PROSTATE CANCER are low - there are far more common prostate problems than cancer - although it kills over 10,000 people a year in the UK, and over 80,000 in the US even if you do contact prostate cancer you are more likely to die WITH IT rather than from it.

Truth 5

Prostate problems are more of a social inconvenience than a serious life threatening disease. You may need to visit the toilet more often and watch what you drink. At night you may need to get up one or more times to urinate. Driving long distances and trips to events may cause problems especially when toilet facilities are limited.

Truth 6

Doctors know best! certainly they know about the options and the latest (safest) treatments BUT you do need to be interested and informed yourself too. ASK QUESTIONS - make suggestions, look at OPTIONS. Talk it over with your wife, partner or friend. DECIDE what's best for you.

Truth is not enough prostate sufferers visit doctors with their concerns and symptoms or they blindly accept the doctors advice without being interested in their own problem. Or they reject the doctors advice and recommendations without proper thought or study.

Truth 7

If you have a prostate problem the sooner it is diagnosed and treated the better. At best delays cause you pain and discomfort which could be reduced by treatment, usually pills or a simple operation - there are so many options it takes time to assess your problem, try treatment options and ways forward.

Truth 8

There is no specific CURE - for most prostate problems, expect at best to IMPROVE symptoms rather than cure them altogether. In younger men where problems are often infection based (prostatitis) infections can reoccur at intervals or later in life develop into BPH

Sufferers on the above conditions do NOT automatically develop prostate cancer, in fact many men who contract prostate cancer have had no traditional prostate symptoms before taking routine PSA tests

Despite major breakthroughs in other areas of medicine and surgical techniques much remains unknown about the prostate gland, the causes of problems and better solutions.

Maurice S Clarke is founding owner of the UK web site and a prostate sufferer for over 40 years. His mission is to educate and inform men about this distressing problem which most men will be affected by at some time in their lives.


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