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Kids with disabilities and debilitating ailments need not be deprived of the normal joys of childhood if you will be able to wisely choose a pediatric wheelchair to enhance their mobility. However, choosing the right one would entail looking into a spectrum of issues and the different variable that come into play in the use of pediatric wheelchair. The primary consideration would be transportation. While there are a lot of kids who greatly favor the use of power chairs, unless the issue on transportation can be resolved, this should not be considered as the ultimate solution.

The care for a disabled child may include carrying and transferring him from one chair to another, which can advertently cause strain and damage on his back and yours too. The remedy to this dilemma would be to choose a lightweight pediatric wheelchair with a detachable hardware. Other issues that need to be taken into account are the lifestyle and environment. Ask yourself if the wheelchair you are contemplating on purchasing would be suitable for school setting and would it be able to meet the requirements the doctors have set for his particular case. The practical choice would be to choose a pediatric wheelchair that grows with your child or the one size fits all variety. There are a lot of wheelchairs available in the market today that are expandable to accommodate added weight and bulk. This can be done by simply altering the cross balance found at the bottom of the chair. If it needs to be lengthened, other wheelchairs allow you the option to replace the front frame that holds the support for the legs. By deftly considering all this aspects, you are looking forward to a well-chosen investment that can last on an average of 10-12 years of use.

Of course, you also need to consider the comfort of your child. Choose cushions that are not too soft or coarse for your child to be able to sit comfortably in extended periods of time. The rule of the thumb here is to choose one than does not take up no more than three fingers worth on room. This is quite an important factor since choosing a wrong seat will make sitting a little awkward for your child and choosing a thinner cushion will not adequately provide the required support for the leg.

When looking through a number of pediatric wheelchairs, choose a footrest that is low enough to allow the seat to have full contact with the whole thigh. As you can see, there are actually more factors to consider than one would normally anticipate in buying a wheelchair for your child. Instead of merely settling on the most expensive one you can find, go to such length as to checking every aspect before actually making the investment. After all, this is your child’s welfare at stake here and you would naturally want to provide him the very best you can afford.

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