Stop Bad Breath Through Detoxification

Sandra Kim Leong

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When you have bad breath or halitosis, you may be having problems with your throat, teeth or gums. However, bad breath can also have something to do with your body’s ability to eliminate waste. Natural health experts say that an improper and poorly functioning digestive system can cause you to have a bad mouth odor. This often results from an over accumulation of toxins in your liver or kidneys. Detoxification of toxins can be a great way to get your breath back on track and your body healthy.

In order to be sure that the cause of the halitosis is not gum or tooth infection related, you can try using a mouthwash of Sage and Echinacea first. This mixture can eliminate any present problem any assist in fighting the battle with bad breath.

If not, detoxifying your bowels may just be the next important step that you have to take. A poorly functioning digestive system equals a poor ability to eliminate waste, thus trapping food in your intestines which gives off a noxious gas; this can lead to constipation and ultimately to bad breath. It is known that excess gas is eliminated through the mouth.

An easy way to relieve this problem is to start by drinking eight glasses of water throughout the day. There are a plethora of natural health products consisting of herbs and other organic plants that will assist you to detoxify in a natural way. They can be found at your local health food store or online.

There are other causes of bad breath that can be fought with detoxification. These include tobacco and alcohol use, slow bowels, stress, sinus infections, dehydration, and improper diet all contribute to the problem. Since these issues tend to be caused by toxins to the body, the most natural and proven cure would be to detoxify the body in order to procure healthy breath. Chemical toxins that have built up within the body are slowing down the immune system and altering the natural course of elimination.

There are different cleansing programs that are available out there to help cleanse your body. While bad breath is not a desirable problem to have, it is not the only thing that will benefit from detoxification of your body. You will find that when you start to clean up the toxins in your body, your overall health will improve greatly.

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Bad Breath - Your Medications Could Be The Cause Of Your Bad Breath Problem
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