Frequent Headaches - Would You Believe Me If I Told You My Frequent Headache Was Caused By A Cow?


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The frequent headache has to be the most common complaint at the doctor’s office. There are many causes of the most common type of headache, the tension headache. Therefore it can be hard to find the cause of a frequent headache.

One surprising culprit of a frequent headache could very well be over the counter pain relievers. Studies have shown that by taking over the counter remedies like ibuprofen, aspirin or acetaminophen more than twice a week, you could be giving yourself a headache. The reason for this is that over using the pain medicine can dull your body’s natural pain relievers and therefore you feel more pain.

A frequent headache may cause some alarm, but not very often are chronic headaches a symptom of a life threatening illness. In the majority of cases a frequent headache is nothing to be worried about. The first place to look for a cause for these frequent headaches should be the chiropractor’s office. It is surprising how much pain can be caused by the spine or neck out of alignment. If one vertebra is out a bit, the muscles tense up and pull on soft tissue, which also tightens and pulls on other soft tissue and bones, and so on.

One of the benefits of going to a chiropractor is that they do not believe in treating problems in isolation. As well as searching for the cause of your frequent headache they look at the entire body even when a localized problem is presented. Not only that, but many chiropractors look at the entire person as well, taking into account factors in their personal life such as their nutrition, physical movement, stress, posture, and allergies.

For example, traditional medical doctors seem to never think of allergies as a cause for frequent headaches. I had frequent headaches, daily headaches, for years that grew steadily worse over time. Even with many medical tests, no cause could be found and I was diagnosed as actually having no headache! How frustrating to be told your pain does not exist. It was a chance encounter at a grocery store that led me to try going off of cow’s milk, and frankly I was willing to try anything at that point. Imagine my surprise when my headaches disappeared completely. I could make the frequent headache return just by drinking or eating anything with cow’s milk. Such a simple cause of my frequent headache that was overlooked for years and at the cost of thousands of dollars spent on medical tests.

Do not give up hope on finding the cause of your frequent headache. Keep pushing, keep researching, and eventually you will find the cause and thereby the cure!

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