The Headache - How Can Anything So Common Be So Bl*#@y Annoying?


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There is nothing worse than a headache. Of course some of you, or even many of you, may beg to differ. But is there really anything else so common that is so debilitating?

A headache makes it impossible to think, concentrate or do any physical movement. Even sound and light make the pain worse. My headaches usually do not respond to any pain medicine such as aspirin or Tylenol. If they were easy to treat then I wouldn't dislike headaches so much, but for now they are top on my ‘Physical Ailment That Is Most Hated’ list!

I know I'm not alone in thinking that the headache is the most common ailment. There are a variety of causes for them such as eye problems (such as new lens prescription or working at the computer too long), sinus infections, migraines, tension (most common while at work or with in-laws) and illnesses (for example meningitis or brain tumors).

Don't fret that your bad headache is a tumor, as more than 95% of headaches are not due to life threatening illnesses. Though, did you hear about that one nurse that thought she just had headaches from stress and found out it was a huge tumor?

Don't start writing your will now (though you should have a will anyway) as brain tumors and life threatening illnesses that cause headaches are still rare. Most headaches are of the tension headache variety which could be caused by bad posture or ergonomics at the cubicle, as an example. To solve headaches caused by bad posture, make sure you sit up and have your computer monitor at eye level when working at the computer. Hours of being hunched over and looking down at a monitor below your eye level will most definitely cause a headache even after just a few hours.

Other common causes of headaches are not drinking enough water (dehydration), caffeine withdrawal and allergies. When I work I tend to forget to do everything not involved with my work, such as drinking and eating. I'll usually remember to take a break when I have a headache. That is a typical dehydration headache scenario. If you're like me, then buy a little timer and set it to go off once an hour. When the timer goes off refill your mug with water or tea (coffee is dehydrating) and drink it all.

The common headache can usually be treated with over the counter medicine such as aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen. The migraine headache will never go away that easily and a prescription for heavy duty painkillers or migraine specific medicine is necessary. Cluster headaches are also very painful and a prescription for pain medicine is necessary.

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