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A low fat weight loss diet can not only help you to lose weight but also lower your cholesterol level.
Losing weight is all about calories, you should eat fewer calories than you have done before.
This is very important in your battle against weight loss. So skipping only food that contains no fat is not good enough, sugar for example contains no fat at all but it is very high in calories so do not eat sugar if you are follow a low fat diet. In fact it is not a good idea to eat sweet at all.
But we can’t live without fat, yes we need fat to stay in live. We call it the good fats, you can find good fats in nuts, sunflower oil, olive oil and fish oil.

Characteristics of the low fat diet

The low fat diet encourages you to eat complex carbohydrates you can find these in bred, rice (especially brown rice) or into pasta. Pastas are a good source of energy. You can still eat food that contains fat or even sugars but in small portions. And do not eat after seven o’clock and just like other diets you have to drink a lot of water. For many people of the low fat diet is this the main advantage you can still eat a variety of food and at the same time you can lose weight. Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables is recommended in the low fat weight loss diet.

Weight loss and health benefits of the low fat diet.

- The low fat diet is ideal for everyone who wants to reach their excellent weight.
- The diet lowers the blood pressure and your cholesterol level.
- You can still add red meat to your meals however make sure the amount of satuarated fat is kept below seven
- A low fat weight loss diet increases the physical activity.

Low fat diet tips

- If you have a steamer use it, I know a lot of people who have spend money to buy a steamer but the fact is that they don’t use it.
- Grill your meat instead of cooking it.
- Try to avoid sauces such as ketchup and mayonnaise.
- Planning to make a dip or a topping? Use yoghurt instead of sour cream
- Add at least 5 different kinds of fruit and vegetables in your nutrition plan.
- Avoid soft drinks drink water or coffee instead (coffee contains no fat at all).

But if you already follow a diet or planning to start one always inform your doctor about it. A doctor or nutrition specialist is the one who can help you or why don’t you try to contact some members one online weight loss forum they will be happy to help you on al your questions about the
low fat weight loss diet

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