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Many people focus on “how to stretch" when they really should be focused on “when to stretch. " Having the knowledge of some good stretches that’ll make you flexible is very good knowledge to have. But in order to get the most effect out of stretching, you have to know when to perform those good stretches.

There has been a lot of discussion going around about stretching. When should it be done: Before or After you exercise? Well I’m here to make everything revolving around stretching crystal clear.

Stretching Should Be Done After You Exercise

And the reason being is this: Sure stretching gets your muscles prepared and increases your flexibility. But when it is done AFTER you exercise, that’s when it takes maximum effect. And this is because your muscles are loosened up after you exercise, which in return, makes stretching much easier. And this also increases your flexibility more than if you were to do it before hand: when your muscles aren’t as loose. So what should you do before you exercise?

Do The Exercise That You’re Warming Up For

Only it should be done very lightly. What this does is target the muscles that you’ll be using when you start doing the exercise intensely. There’s no sense in warming up muscles that you won’t be using! If you’re going for a run, then start off with a light jog - it’s as simple as that.

After you warm up and when you’ve finished your exercise, then that’s when you start stretching. And I guarantee your flexibility will greatly increase after you do this a few times.

So remember: focus on “when to stretch" rather than “how to stretch. "

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