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The different kinds of hair transplant procedures can be difficult to understand including the Direct Hair Transplant. This is one of the least common hair transplant procedures used because it takes a great deal of work. There are only a handful of people who are good candidates for this procedure. This procedure involves the doctor taking hair that is already on your body and moving it to a new location.

The process of Direct Hair Transplant has come a long way in the technology of medicine. You no longer have to search for a donor that has the same type and color of hair as your own. The doctor is able to move healthy hair from your body and place in where your own is starting to thin out. It is very fast and can be completed in just a few visits. Many people prefer it because it is not invasive.

Do you have enough hair for this particular type of transplant ? They hair has to be taken from other parts of the head where it is growing well. It will be removed one piece at a time and then grafted to the thinning areas of the scalp. This should get the root to continue growing in the new location. Not everyone has enough healthy hair for this procedure to be successful. It works well for those just starting the process of losing hair because they have plenty that can be used.

Sometimes the doctor will take hair from other parts of the body, but it is not commonly done. This is because the hair has a different texture and it can grow to varying lengths. It won’t look as natural overall. A doctor can discuss this issue with you in greater detail. They can let you know if you are a good candidate for the Direct Hair Transplant procedure or not.

You can also find more information at transplant message boards and hair transplant surgery . is a comprehensive resource to help individuals with hair loss identify treatment options such as hair transplant.


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Planning your Hair Transplant So You have Hair for your Wedding
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