Hair Thinning Is A Problem For Women Too

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Today you will find that the majority of women will be to lose their hair by the time they reach 50. Often their are a number of reasons as to why hair is thinning and it may be because of one particular thing or a combination of things. However, in order to find out why your hair is thinning you will need to have a through examination at your doctors. Without doing this you are unlikely to find out what is causing your hair to thin.

Certainly hair thinning in women is a problem but often the pattern is slightly different from that of male hair thinning. Also when the thinning of hair commences also differs in men and women. In most cases the thinning of hair in women will generally start when they reach their late 40's or 50's and will not have a receding hairline as you see in many men who are suffering from a thinning of their hair. In fact some women will only experience a thinning of their hair on the top of the scalp whilst others tend to become thinner over broader regions of the whole head. But at present scientists are unsure as to what exactly causes the thinning of hair on women, but they feel it may well be related to hormonal changes in a woman's body as they grow older.

In the US alone more than 4 out of 10 women are experiencing some form of thinning hair and this works out at about 43 million women. Certainly most of them (over 30 million) are suffering from thinning hair because it is an inherited condition known as androgenetic alopecia. Whilst others you will find that are suffering from hair thinning it has been caused by hormonal changes to their body, a change of diet or some other underlying medical condition. However, because there is no credible information available with regard to this problem, many women are still somewhat confused about the reasons as to why their hair is thinning.

However in the case of hereditary hair thinning a woman's will tend to be more spread out over an area of the head that can be found between the bangs and the crown. In most cases women suffering from this form of hair thinning will refer to it as see through hair. Unfortunately hair thinning is a natural part of aging and can even occur in the most healthiest of women. So if you do notice a sudden thinning of your hair do not worry as it is all a natural part of the aging process and luckily there are products available which can help to prevent the problem escalating as well as helping the growth of your hair.

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