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Muscle Building Tips - Add 1 Inch to Your Arms in a Week - Part II

Gregg Gillies

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Arm Blasting Q @ A

I wanted to answer a very important question about the 1 inch in 1 week arm routine I wrote about (the link to part I is at the end of the article. This question is not only very important to the arm routine but it's very important to all of your training, if you want to be successful with your muscle building efforts.

QUESTION: “I was wondering if your ‘add one inch in a week’ routine actually works. I have tried those articles before and have found hardly any results. I'd be happy if I gained a 1/4 of an inch. I just want to know if I'll see results if I participate on this program. Thanks. "

Thanks for the question. There are some very important things in this question that need to be addressed. First off, I can't make any guarantee as to the results you will see. There are way too many variables that I can't control - how hard you work, the weights you use, your genetics, how many calories you take in, protein intake, and on and on.

And that's true of anything you do in life whether it's lifting weights, playing a sport, getting good grades in school, etc. There are no guarantees.

Second, I appreciate your frustration. Most routines in the mainstream bodybuilding magazines do not produce results for 99% of the trainees out there.

This happens for two reasons. One, the routines are just a bunch of exercises, reps and set numbers thrown together without a plan. Very few of these routines work for you and me, and most cause us to overtrain.

The other very important point is that you have to understand that specialization routines like the arm training routine are not done in a vacuum. What do I mean by this? I mean that you can't just do this routine and expect great results. Many other factors come into play; some you can control, others you can't.

Let's look at two hypothetical bodybuilders. For this example, we'll say they have the exact same genetic potential for building muscle mass.

Trainee number one loves training arms. He's not a big fan of heavy back or leg work though. So he goes all out on the arm training routine but he gives a half-hearted effort on the back work and skips leg training altogether. He also enjoys staying up late watching TV so he only gets 5 hours of sleep each night. He barely manages three meals a day, and they aren't the most nutritious meals, either.

Trainee number two follows the routine exactly and goes all out, even on squats. He doesn't like squats, they are brutally hard but he loves the results he gets from them so he gives them everything he's got. He makes sure to get 9 hours of sleep a night. He adds weight to all his exercises every chance he gets. He eats six times per day, with nutritious high-protein meals.

Which trainee do you think will see better results from this routine? Obviously, trainee number two will get more out of the routine.

When applying any routine you put together, you must realize that there are many other important factors above and beyond the exercises, sets and reps you choose. And the more factors you apply properly, the better your results are going to be. Sure, you can't control genetics but you can control most of the other factors.

Important muscle building factors include:

Your Weight Training Program (exercises, sets, reps, intensity)

Nutrition (# of meals, quality of meals, calories, protein, etc. )

Sleep (get enough of it!)

The more you do right in your overall muscle building plan, the better your results are going to be. And you will get results. How good your results will be, no one will ever know until you put the plan into action and give it everything you've got.

My results for the arm blasting program were 3/4 of an inch on each arm. I measured on a Sunday night, did the routine Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then measured again on Sunday night.

Have you already put the routine into action? What were your results like? I'd love to hear your results once you've tried this routine. Send me an email at muscle buliding q&a

Muscle Building Arm Article Part I

Gregg Gillies is the founder of His muscle building articles have appeared in Ironman Magazine. He has written two books and is a regular contributor to Body Talk Magazine. Grab a copy of his free ebook Mass Building Tips! at


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