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Walking for Weight Loss

Barbara Ryan

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The weather is nice and fresh air does a body good, especially for those kids, they behave better and sleep better when they’ve had some fresh air time during the day. What better way to get some daily exercise in than taking a nice brisk walk in the fresh air.

The first step to walking for weight loss, is to walk long enough, about an hour a day, 5-6 days a week. You can start with less and work your way up if need be. Stick with it and you’ll get there in no time.

The second step is walking fast enough to get your heart rate up. Walk at a normal pace for a few minutes, then increase the pace for a minute or so, then back to normal. Repeat this process for the duration of your walk. This will maintain a good heart rate and not wear you out. Remember, if you feel winded, just slow down. There are no rules to walking. Using the first and last 10 minutes walking normally to warm up and cool down.

The final step is to build some muscles in order to burn those calories. If you haven’t been getting much exercise, the walking alone will help you build muscle, but once you develop a healthy walking habit, you may need to add some hills or try race walking.

If for whatever reason walking outside isn’t a great option for you, fear not, there are numerous indoor walking programs available. Your heart rates get up and they motivate you to keep going, right in your own living room. The kids may even join you!

If you find walking boring, bring along some music via an mp3 player or walk with a friend. Put the baby in a jogging stroller and head out. Alter your route from time to time to break the monotony. Just don’t give up, walking is an easy, effective way to get some healthy activity into your life.

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