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The Mater's Voice

Kevin Hinton

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I was researching the answer to a parent's question the other day and of course, when I feel a bit inadequate, I source the writings of Mr. Jaffrey.

As I searched through his book “Rearing Your Baby Naturally" I was mesmerized once again by his genius - the ability to simplify the mystique that has been woven around the concept of health.

And so for your reading pleasure - I present approximately 900 words written in the opening pages of what must be Mr. Jaffrey's most illuminating book on Natural Living and Natural Healing.

I hope that it challenges you and brings clarity of thought to your concepts of health.

"When you bought your motor car, sewing machine or motor mower you were supplied with an instruction manual setting out clearly what fuel, oil or other material to use.

You were shown how to clean, adjust and service your machine and how to make minor replacements when parts became worn.

This is as it should be.

The makers of these machines could not expect every purchaser to know these things.

Yet, with a human being no such manual is supplied.

An almost helpless baby is thrust suddenly into the world and the parents are faced with the problem of feeding it, keeping it clean and protecting it from harm.

Humans are not alone in this regard.

When a plant bursts its way through the soil or an animal, bird or fish is born, no instruction booklet arrives with it either.

Yet, the animal or plant seems to manage quite well without such assistance.

It is true that in the animal kingdom there are a few exceptions in which the parents do provide some care and attention, but even in these cases no instruction manual is at hand for their guidance.

The parents seem to know instinctively what to do and how to do it.

Are the members of the animal and vegetable kingdom specially favoured?

Must man be the only organism on earth to be placed at a disadvantage?

Not at all.

Man has chosen in a wilful way to disregard natural law and has deviated from the natural path.

Animals in their natural state live in accordance with natural law.

They react normally to their environment as they find it.

If you stroke a cat it will purr.

Pinch it and it will react immediately by clawing you.

Animals lack sentiment.

If a cat is hungry it will kill and eat a beautiful bird.

The cat suffers no pangs of conscience.

The bird is simply its natural food.

So it is throughout the natural kingdom.

Every living organism has its own natural food and will eat no other.

A plant or animal takes what it needs and makes use of whatever is available and suitable, to the best of its ability.

Man seems to be the only animal which regularly, consciously and deliberately ignores natural law, destroys and fouls his own environment.

Man is the only animal which eats indiscriminately.

Man is the only animal which, through its breaking of natural law suffers disease and then makes frantic efforts to overcome the consequences by cutting parts out of the body or by taking deadly poisons into its digestive system and bloodstream.

Surely such practices cannot be classed as normal, natural or necessary. Indeed, they are not.

Man is subject to the same laws of nature as the lower organisms.

If man provides himself with a favourable environment, eats his natural foods and practices normal hygiene, he will live in good health.

Such an obvious fact has apparently eluded many otherwise intelligent people.

These people cannot grasp the fact that “It is NATURAL to be healthy".

They will give loving care and attention to a motor car.

They keep it cleaned, oiled, fuelled and serviced.

They believe that this is their best guarantee of long, useful and trouble-free service.

Yet these identical people will eat any food regardless of its quality or suitability.

They will eat substances which are not foods at all.

They neglect the simple rules of hygiene and body care.

When they become ill as a result of this neglect they fail to link this neglect of their body's requirements with the resultant disease - Why?

If they neglect to supply oil to their motor car they will not be at all surprised if a bearing or other vital part wears prematurely.

For some obscure reason they will accept the fact that a mechanical machine must be cared for.

Their own body which is far more complicated and delicately balanced gets little or no care and is even expected to function normally when grossly abused.

There is a reason for this anomaly.

Unlike mechanical contrivances, living organisms have the ability to make adjustments according to their environmental conditions.

If you put sand into the lubricating oil of your motor car it will cause serious damage.

The motor car cannot adjust to this unfavourable situation.

Human beings ill-treat their bodies in the same way.

They consume unsuitable food every day of their lives with apparent impunity.

They may cut or otherwise damage tissues and the body may not appear to suffer permanent injury.

All living organisms have the power to adapt themselves to unfavourable conditions.

They have the power to heal and repair damaged tissues.

In these ways they differ from non-living things.

It is because of this phenomenon that many human beings have ignored the natural law.

Because death or immediate illness does not occur and because the body makes vigorous efforts to repair damage, we do not see the necessity for the avoidance of unnatural living habits, which cause disease and injury.

The usual reaction is to burn or cut out a diseased tissue or to make efforts to force the body to heal itself by taking poisonous substances such as drugs and medicines.

This way of life is a travesty.

The natural way of life, on the other hand, is based on the principle that human beings are subject to the same natural laws as the lower animals.

If human beings are given their normal natural needs they too will enjoy good health.

Most people wait until serious deterioration is evident before making any efforts to change these conditions, and only in rare cases do they change their living habits.

It is seldom that they will adopt a more rational way of life BEFORE they become seriously diseased.

Kevin Hinton is a renowned Natural Health Educator & Advocator who has assisted a broad range of people to reinvigorate their lives through common-sense Natural Health practices. He is a trusted advisor to many in the corporate world in Australia and North America who recognize the life-improving value of Natural Health habits. His experience in the field reveals that adopting practical Natural Health habits usually helps drive success in other areas of life. Visit Kevin at: and sign up for a FREE world class newsletter.


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