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Obesity Cure Is Not By Lowering Your Daily Calories!


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Hey, are you aware that you can remain trim while eating twice what someone else who is overweight or even obese consumes? Yes, this fact. Never mind the erroneous belief that daily calories are the deciding factor in whether you are obese or trim. Being either slim or overweight depends on the way your body receives and uses protein, carbohydrates and fat calories. Note that your body will not react to the number of calories you consume in a day as it will react to the quantity of each type of calorie you consume each day. The cause of childhood obesity is not different from adult obesity.

An interesting example is that if you eat too much carbohydrate calories then your body won't be able to use all of the sugar that your carb calories get converted to, and the excess sugar will be stored as fat tissue.

This is applicable to other calorie types too. Friend, if you or your child eat many wrong calories you will surely become overweight or even advance into obesity when no matter how much you starve yourself you remain overweight.

What many people do not know is that even though their bodies need protein, carbohydrate and fat calories, these three calorie types have to be consumed in equal proportion in every meal to avoid unnecessary weight gain or obesity.

One misconception on which the general weight loss programs are based is that fat calories lead to fat while fat free calories produce weight loss. While this may seem logical, the fact is that fat free calories consumed to much will cause weight gain while a fat calorie does not immediately prompt fat in your body.

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Counting Calories - How Many Calories Should You Be Eating?
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