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Disability Help - How To Overcome Panic Attacks?


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Panic attacks arise of anxiety disorder and can have a life-changing impact on a person. It not only leaves a person helplessly distressed but also makes one see oneself as a lesser individual. This plays havoc with one’s confidence and self-image. It has also seen that the person who undergoes panic attacks frequently tends to stay alone and does not even try to mix up with others, which depresses the person further.

During panic attacks the person starts panting as though he or she had run miles, has a severe headache and may vomit. These attacks must not be ignored, and if they are quite frequent, a competent specialist must be consulted immediately.

However, one need not worry because the condition is very much reversible. You are supposed to choose either the medication way or the natural alternatives to it.

The medication available these days has undergone tremendous change and offers a great deal more than the medication available a few years back. However, all the drugs are considered to have some kind of side effect. Besides, the relief they provide is most temporary. Even if you have settled for the medication way instead of the alternative natural therapy, do consult a doctor before you start medication because not all drugs suit everyone. Taking the wrong drug could be plainly dangerous.

So far as the alternative cures available are concerned, you have ample. One of them is relaxation therapy, which lays emphasis on controlled breathing. It works on the fact that controlled breathing helps one calm down and relieve stress and anxiety. Since the method uses no medicines, it has no side effects and can be leaned by anyone in a very short span of time.

Another well-known alternative natural therapy that works in most of the cases is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It works on the proven assumption that our active thoughts have the capability of changing our subconscious reactions and can, therefore, cure panic attacks, as they are one’s reaction to certain kind of situations.

Once a person learns to train the brain to block negative thoughts, panic attacks can be history in no time at all. This therapy, too, does not involve any drugs, which means it has no side effects.

Therefore, there is no reason for you to suffer from panic attacks any more. Choose the right cure and you are sure to say goodbye to the problem.

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Stopping Panic Attacks Understanding the Key Facts About Panic Attacks
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