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Yeast Infection Causes - Symptoms And Treatments


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Before applying any form of vaginal yeast infection treatment you must know how to identify the symptoms correctly. All too often women waste time trying to cure a yeast infection that they do not even have.

But first lets look at the causes. By knowing what the causes are, especially if you suffer from recurring yeast infection, you can prevent it instead of curing it. Anything that changes the vaginal environment, increase PH, moisture and heat for a prolonged time period, hormonal change, high blood sugar levels and allergies are all factors that can reduce the acidic balance in the vagina allowing the bacteria Candida Albican to grow rapidly and take over causing a yeast infection.

Tight dirty clothes, especially non-cotton panties, that capture heat and moisture, wearing panty-hoses every day, dyes and perfumes like the ones found in deodorant tampons and pads, even commercial douches are harmful to the vaginal environment.

Diet can also be a factor. Cutting down on foods containing yeast helps reduce the frequency and intensity of vaginal yeast infections. High sugar diets elevates the sugar level in your urine feeding the yeast allowing it to grow more rapidly and take over. Caffeine is also attributed to causing yeast infections.

Now lets talk symptoms. Women often misdiagnose themselves as having a yeast infection when in fact it is either a bacterial infection or a urinary track infection. Instead of curing there ailment they are fiddling around trying to cure something that they just don't have. So knowing how to recognize the symptoms is very important.

They include an intense and burning sensation in your vagina. A clumpy white discharge from the vagina that looks like cottage cheese. The discharge can however range from the white to a less clumpy and faintly yellow. It also smell like yeast.

Now for the treatments. When you can identify it quickly it becomes easier to treat effectively using home remedies. More and more women are using these as they are safe and effective unlike some of the drugs out there today. At you can view a list of some effective home remedies for yeast infection.

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What Are the Yeast Infection Symptoms in a Man?
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