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Essiac Tea Advice


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The essiac tea is a mixture of herbal plants that have been mixed in a definite proportion as a brew in the form of a tea. As this is taken in the form of a tea, it is called an essiac tea. The essiac tea advice is that it can be taken without fear of side effects and for best results, it has to be taken at least twice daily. The essiac tea is made of roots from Indian rhubarb, and burdock, the barks of elm trees, and sheep sorrel.

The essiac tea is beneficial in a variety of ways and the essiac tea advice we can give is that it can be used to cure a variety of diseases including Cancer, and is very effective in healing several of the skin conditions like hives, acne, rashes, psoriasis etc. In order to get rid of skin ailments, the tea must be taken in a regular manner to detoxify the liver and kidneys which is responsible for most of the skin ailments.

Further Essiac tea advice is that it may even cure some forms of cancer, though the claim is not substantiated fully, the claim stands that the essiac tea is capable of curing cancer. Originally Rene Cassie, the Canadian Nurse who introduced the essiac tea was running her clinic for more than 30 years using the essiac tea as a cure for cancer. During these periods, the essiac tea advice was given by her for curing not only cancer but all other types of ailments and she elevated the essiac tea to a level of a high medicinal product.

Essiac Tea can be prepared very easily as it uses only 4 ingredients and can be prepared and used with minimal instructions. Essiac Tea can be used as a drink mixed in warm water, and should be taken at least twice in a day. But, an overdose of essiac tea taken even for longer periods has not given any contraindications. Still, it is always safe to adhere to the essiac tea advice, and the best results can be achieved by following the instructions of the manufacture fully.

The manufacturers of this tea always issue a set of essiac tea advice, of how the tea must be prepared and must be used. As per the essiac tea advice, the tea must be prepared in stainless steel containers using distilled water free of sodium and other residual salts.

Essiac tea advice given by the manufacturers always suggests that a qualified medical professional must be consulted before taking the essiac tea, and the dosage and other instructions given by them must be carefully followed for best results. The pregnant women and nursing women must exercise more caution before using this product and it is better to avoid it during these times.

The essiac Tea advice gives a clear list of benefits of using the essiac tea, and its capabilities as a medicinal product, and also, if they are scrupulously followed. We highly recommend you try out essiac tea as we do to get its benefits as done by millions of people each year.

Len Gibb is a webmaster who makes websites on a wide array of niche health topics. His latest website - Essiac Tea Guides focuses on essiac tea, and in partcular, a natural product known as - Herbal Essiac Tea


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