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Gaetane Ross

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Have you ever castigated yourself for failing to remember almost everything that would have made your life better? Like that one occasion when you just stared at your boss’ wife while she was talking to you, just because you forgot that she was the Number One man's wife? This cost you your promotion and would have caused you your job if not for some saving graces like your former job performance rate.

Or what about that day when you were supposed to make a product presentation to a very important client but you forgot all about it and took a leave of absence? Luckily, your client called up your office to cancel the appointment because she was sick.

But don't kill yourself first. You're not getting dumber or older; it's just that you have failed to develop good memory skills that would have made you remember these things. As experts say, there is no good or bad memory; only unorganized thoughts.

A poor memory is equal to poor recollection of things. If you keep forgetting things, then don't blame your memory because it's not the culprit. What you should blame is the little or lack of attention you place on things.

Most people, at one time or another, have experienced memory loss. It is synonymous with forgetfulness or what others refer to as being scatterbrained. To solve this problem, you have to realize that your inability to recall is caused by other things like retention problems, being overworked, information overload and stress.

There are people who are plain slow in recalling things, not because they are stupid but because they do not practice their recalling skills. It's all a matter of getting the right skills for recollection.

A person who is overworked is also prone to forgetting things, particularly trivial things that may be related or unrelated to their work. Because of too much work, you have no choice but to focus your attention on more important things like the work at hand.

The media revolution is responsible for bombarding us with information. Often, people get information overload. There's just too much information going on in our heads that we tend to forget the things that matter most.

There are several things we encounter in our daily lives that are called memory tasks. Among these are names (of family and friends, of people we meet and of people we do business with), birthdays, dates (like when do we have to go to the doctor for check up), anniversaries and phone numbers.

A good memory will help improve your status in life. It will come in handy both in your personal life and in your business dealings. Do you know that most successful people are the ones who can easily remember things like names?

And yet, a name is one thing that we always forget. Remembering names is one of the most important assets we can have, whatever job we are in. It may be a cliché but it is true that his or her name is the sweetest word that can be said to a person. Experiment on this by asking for the names of salesladies, or the doctor's secretary and then call them by their first names. The next time you visit them, you will surely be treated like a friend.

To be good in recalling names, listen attentively whenever a person is introduced to you. Then repeat his or her name, and mentally connect the person's name to an object or event familiar to you. Link the name to a funny thing or event, the better the chances of recall.

We discussed ways to improve your memory in previous chapters, however this is another tactic that is a bit different. This strategy for recalling information is through the use of “mnemonics. ” Mnemonics is a memory tool or device that aids the memory in recalling information. Mnemonics can be used through our imagination. It means associating things by its size, shape, color or smell. You can also create your own mnemonics by connecting and clashing images in your mind.

If you often forget numbers like your bank account, then it would be best to create a mnemonic for it. Associate the numbers of your bank account with numbers that are significant to you life. Like if the first numbers of your bank account is 05993, and you happen to be born in May, then you can remember the first two numbers by associating it with your month of birth. The double nine is easier to associate with nine twins, and three with your house number.


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