Is Ionithermie Detox an Effective Treatment?


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Ionithermie detox is a treatment developed by French biochemist Olivier Fouche in 1979. It’s only been in the last few years that it has been available in the United States. Those who support the Ionithermie detox treatment say that it increases skin tone, develops muscle tone, reduces inches quickly, increases firmness, improves circulation to specific areas, re-mineralizes, balances hormones, improves lymphatic drainage and relaxes both the body and the mind. On top of everything, this treatment only takes one hour.

Ionithermie Procedure

First, patient and specialist agree on the area to get treatment. A blend of cleansing algae, amino acids and ivy is then applied to that area. This mixture contains ingredients which break down cellulite, increase circulation, and release toxins locked into fatty deposits. A layer of fabric is wrapped around the Ionithermie detox ingredients and clay is applied over it. The clay is infused with algae and it is meant to conduct electricity. Several electrodes are placed along the area to be treated.

Ionithermie detox is based on a mix of galvanic and faradic electrical stimulation. The faradic stimulation works as an exercise to promote muscle and skin tone. Galvanic stimulation uses positive and negative ions to extract toxins from deep within the body. The trained therapist oversees the mild electrical applications to balance results with comfort. After the treatment is completed, the clay is removed and a soothing lotion is applied.

Astonishingly, most patients lose a measurable amount of several inches in the treated area after the first treatment. Following a sensible diet and exercise plan will help extend the benefits of Ionithermie detox, but the results are not intended to last for a long time. The loss of one to eight inches is temporary, although the benefits of detox and muscle tone are said to be more permanent. The Ionithermie detox treatment is a good way to kick start a diet and exercise regimen as well as being a beneficial way to improve hard-to-reach areas.

Home use products are available to extend the life of treatment benefits. Spas across the country have added the equipment and trained personnel to make the Ionithermie detox available to their clients. While medical science may never be fully convinced of all the claims of Ionithermie detox, those who have benefited from it will swear by it.

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